Graduate Transfer Credit

Graduate Transfer Credit

Transfer Credit Information

The University of Dallas Gupta College of Business allows transfer credit of up to 12 credit hours into any Masters degree program. This policy applies to both internally and externally completed coursework. Qualifying students (as per admission status) are not eligible for waviers/transfer credits and must complete all courses as outlined on their program design.

Prerequisite Waiver Eligibility

Masters degree seeking students in the Gupta College of Business can request waivers of prerequsite coursework as per the following guidelines:

AACSB Business Degree

Fully admitted students with a completed AACSB Business Degree are eligible for a waiver of the following prerequisite courses:

    • Foundations of Business Economics (3 credit hours)
    • Foundations of Management and Strategy (1.5 credit hours)
    • Foundations of Marketing (1.5 credit hours)

Prerequisite Course Completed

Students may also received waiver of the Economics, Management and Marketing prerequisites by meeting the following criteria:

    • Foundations of Management and Strategy can be waived by a 3-credit hour Business Strategy course, at the Undergraduate level, completed with a B- or better. Course description must include 'business strategy' concepts
    • Foundations of Marketing can be waived by any 3-credit hour Marketing course, at the undergraduate level, completed with a B- or better.
    • Foundations of Business Economics can be waived by one, 3-credit hour Microeconomics course AND one 3-credit hour Macroeconomics course. Both courses must be completed with a B- or better.

NOTE: Graduate credit that meets the criteria above may also satisfy the prerequisite requirement.

Transfer Credit

Transfer credits are limited to graduate level coursework completed with a B- or better at a regionally accredited institution (or equivalent). A review of the course description is acquired from the transferring institution course catalog. Course syllabi may also be required. The apropriate program director makes the final approval of all transfer credit. To request transfer credit, a student must have submitted an admissions application and the transfer credit request form below:


Recommended Prerequisite Knowledge 


  • If you have not completed a Financial Accounting and a Managerial Accounting course, you will be required to complete Accounting for Managers (3 credit hours).
  • If you are not proficient in Microsoft Excel, it is recommended that you complete an Excel tutorial prior to beginning your program.


If you have not completed an undergraduate upper level technology course, you will be required to complete
Foundations of Cybersecurity (3 credit hours).

Your academic advisor can help you determine which courses you may need and options for completing the required prerequisite courses.

* Conditionally admitted students are required to successfully complete 6 credit hours of Foundations courses (or other designated coursework) prior to beginning core or elective courses. If you are admitted as a qualifying student, your program design will include the Foundation courses you will be required to complete.