Malcolm Kass, Ph.D. - First Generation Faculty

Malcolm Kass, Ph.D. - First Generation Faculty

Malcolm Kass, Ph.D.Malcolm Kass, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Economics

Dr. Kass was raised in a rural area in the midwest. Neither of his parents had a college education. After his undergraduate degree, Dr. Kass worked for 10 years, including at 3M as an engineer, before returning to graduate school to pursue his doctorate degree in Economics.

Dr. Kass went to the University of Nebraska. He says, “For me, I only applied there because in my parents' mind, colleges were homogenous.  They were all more of the same, so they didn't understand how a college at U of Dallas can be a very different place vs. a large state school. ” His greatest challenge was seeking knowledge about what to do when at school.

After college, Dr. Kass worked for a large manufacturing company in Missouri. Today, he serves as an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Dallas. Some advice he would give to his past self highlights that “There are many benefits of studying/working hard in college outside of your grades.  Many more doors will be open to you than what you realize. I would have worked harder in class AND gotten to know my professors!  Too often, students view professors as enemies and will not interact with them.  But we want to help!”