Richard Peregoy, D.P.S. - First Generation Faculty

Richard Peregoy, D.P.S. - First Generation Faculty

Richard Peregoy, DPSRichard Peregoy, D.P.S.

Associate Professor of Management

Tell us about your experience as a first-generation student.

I am a first gen college graduate.  I paid all of my expenses by working. I did live at home with my parents  Of course my first semester's tuition was $250.00 at LaSalle College in Philadelphia, and I took 21 credit hours.  I graduated in 4 years Magna Cum Laude.

Why did you become a professor?
I’ve benefitted from teachers throughout my formal and informal education.  They provided theoretical and practical knowledge.  This is my base.  After many years in commerce and consulting, practicing the craft of management, I wanted to share the theoretical knowledge and practical experience with others.   So I became a professor.

What do you most enjoy about teaching?
Partly the joy of seeing students grasp a concept and apply it in assignments.  A significant element is feedback from students over the years citing their experiences in applying what they learned in their lives, their current work, and in their careers.

What do you hope students gain from your courses?
An appreciation for the value of a good theory base and the ability to develop the theory in their own work practices.  I want students to realize their potential and to have vision.  I want them to enjoy continual learning and to make a difference in the world.

What did you do prior to entering academe?
I spent a number of years in the construction industry while attending university for both my undergraduate and MBA degrees.  I entered industry as an Industrial Engineer, transferred to Industrial Relations, and rose to a position as Corporate Director of Employee Relations for a division of a multi-national firm.  Seeking more personal growth, I started a private consulting practice and decided to study for a doctorate which I earned in 1978. With this combination of advanced education and experience I became an internal consultant and headed the internal management consulting for a large utility.

What are you passionate about outside of the University?
An appreciation of the value of international study and work.  I’ve lived abroad and travelled extensively while maintaining an active interest in the economics, culture, and politics of the world—especially Brazil.  Also, I learned to meditate and continue daily meditation and prayer for personal growth and development.

What are your research interests?
Management Spirituality and Religion and its practical application to current issues in management and leadership.   I continue to expand my academic knowledge.