Handbooks and Forms

Handbooks and Forms

Braniff Graduate Student Handbooks

While containing important information about the Braniff Graduate Schoot and its programs, the handbooks are not comprehensive documents. Both handbooks pull a significant amount of information from the University Bulletin. When necessary, the handbooks will refer to other University documents and publications that provide more detailed information.

2022-2023 Handbooks

Archived Handbooks

Click on your respective incoming school year for a downloadable version of your handbook.

Braniff Graduate Student Forms

All students, when they intend to complete their degree, must submit this form during the term in which they intend to graduate.
Students can use this form to switch between and Master's and Master of Arts degree within the same discipline. If switching to a completely different program, the student must submit a new application.
Students use this form to inform the Braniff Office of their intent to complete a language requirement. 
Students can use this form to register for courses that are paper registration only, such as Thesis Research, Dissertation Research, or Directed Readings
Students can use this form to register for Graduate Readings.
Students can use this form to register for Doctoral Readings.