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The concentration in Greek comprises four courses in Greek, one of which may be replaced by a theoretical course, such as Philosophy of Language.

Unlock the Richness of Greek Tradition

A language concentration is a good complement to any major, and students majoring in one language may concentrate in another. It includes advanced work in one or more foreign languages and a theoretical study of language as a universal human activity. In what follows, by "course" is meant a 3-credit course, and by "advanced" is meant 3000-level or above. 

Types of Concentrations


Four advanced courses in Greek, or three advanced courses in either language plus one "theoretical" course, e.g. CLA 3330 Historical Linguistics or PHI 4335 Philosophy of Language. In place of the one theoretical course, you may substitute two lower-division courses in the other language, e.g., 1301-1302, or 2311-2312.

For any other substitutions, the permission of the Concentration Director is required.

Five courses, namely, three advanced Greek courses and two related courses (for which the Classics Chairman's approval is required); e.g. CLA 3301 Fundamentals of Rhetoric, CLA 4340 Classical Mythology, HIS 3303 Ancient Greece, PHI 3325 Ancient Philosophy, POL 3311 Thucydides, or POL 3331 Plato's Republic.

Discover the Christian Heritage

Explore the profound influence of Greek on the Christian tradition, from its literary inception to its continued impact on modern spirituality.

Speak Like the Ancients

Master the grammar, rhetoric, and logic of Greek to not only read classical texts but to deepen your understanding of language and communication in our contemporary world.

Embrace Ethical Frameworks

Delve into the ethical frameworks shaped by classical philosophers, poets, and statesmen, informing your actions with historical wisdom and contemporary relevance.

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