Thank You

Thank You

Thank you to our Staff and Administrators

"Thank you for your perseverance, prudence, and courage in preparing for Fall 2020. I have never appreciated so keenly the joys of being together in the classroom with my students. I know they are as grateful as I am (if not more so!). Even the students who are able join us online, thanks to the untiring work of our administration and tech support team, benefit from the energy of the actual classroom experience. This year reminds us that both bodily life and intellectual life are fragile but precious goods, sustained by the selfless and careful work of many dedicated persons such as you! Thank you."

Sr. Elinor Gardner, Philosophy

"Heartfelt thanks to UD Administration and support staff who worked to ensure a safe and meaningful environment for everyone on campus during COVID-19."

Valeria Forte, Modern Languages

"Thank you for tirelessly and carefully cleaning our classrooms and offices. Thank you for installing cameras, computers, and providing incredible aids for their use. Thank you for keeping students, staff, and faculty safe so that we can continue to live and work. Most of all thank you for being an important part of the University of Dallas Community."

Rich Olenick, Physics

"Thank you to everyone who has made this semester possible for our students. In particular, I want to thank and recognize the custodial staff for their work to maintain a sanitary environment, and for putting themselves on the front lines for the rest of us."

Michael West, English

"Thank you to each of you for all your hard work. I know that everyone does so much, often unseen by most people, and I am so grateful for the time, energy, and attention that is given to small details and large projects. Please know of my prayers for you, especially when I celebrate the Mass. "

Fr. Thomas More Barba, Campus Ministry

"Thank you to each of you for all your hard work. I know that everyone does so much, often unseen by most people, and I am so grateful for the time, energy, and attention that is given to small details and large projects. Please know of my prayers for you, especially when I celebrate the Mass. "

Jodi Hunt, Neuhoff Institute for Ministry & Evangelization

"As someone who is new to both UD and Irving this semester, I cannot adequately express how thankful I am to be on campus and in the classroom with many of my students each day. The pandemic has limited opportunities to get to know the Irving community as quickly as I would like, but I do not feel lonely or estranged from the world, because I get to interact with my incredible students and colleagues in person each day. To everyone who has made that possible, I will be forever grateful for all your hard work."

Tori Hudgins, Mathematics

"The fall semester is almost done, and it has been more successful than we could possibly have imagined. Some symbolic moments for me: getting my classroom assignments through the tireless creativity of the registrar's and dean's offices; learning to teach on-ground and online students simultaneously, with support from eLearning and IT; receiving my package of clear masks, markers and erasers, lovingly prepared by various administrative assistants; and watching custodial quietly replace the spray bottles and wipes with hand sanitizer, as I lectured in the front of the classroom. An enormous thank-you to everyone; you have been tremendous!"

Chris Mirus, Philosophy

"Thank you for creating a safe environment at UD for our students, staff and faculty. I am truly grateful to be part of such a caring community!"

Kristin Van Cleve, Music

"For many months now, you (the staff, the administration) have worked assiduously to make it possible for our students to live and learn safely on campus or remotely as needed. Most days you have had to rely on yourselves for affirmation of your work’s great worth. And that has apparently sufficed because—look!—you kept at it, and the University has prevailed against the pandemic. Please know that many have appreciated your labors throughout this challenging time and have been thanking you in a private attitude akin to prayer. It’s nice to be able to make such thanksgiving public. I look forward to articulating my thankfulness face-to-face."

Andrew Osborn, English

"The task of doing right by our students should always be at the forefront of what we as a university seeks to do; what is good for the kids, in turn, benefits all of us. Thank you for enabling us to do what is best for our students - to offer them the finest education possible in these very trying times. Your commitment to our community is not unnoticed and very much appreciated."

Carmen Newstreet, Education

"I don't have the space to adequately thank those who have gone above and beyond to make it possible for us to teach here on the ground -- from Vanessa Cox who has answered emails at all hours, to Sanyal who has struggled so patiently with my computer problems, to JD Peavler who has rushed to Gorman D to reconfigure the speakers so the remote students could be heard, to Chief Greene and his fantastic team, who have with efficiency, professionalism, and friendliness, offered unparalleled support enforcing our mask wearing policy and other needs of faculty and students. I could not do what I am doing without the generosity of these and so many others at this challenging time."

Debra Romanick Baldwin, English

"As a Spanish professor, it is wonderful to see most of my students face-to-face and, especially, to hear them speak Spanish in person to me and to each other. I appreciate the equipment and IT support that enable my online students to see, hear, and follow along with the class in real time. I am also grateful that the carefully planned procedures that we follow as a community have enabled us to keep our campus open."

Christi Ivers, Modern Languages

"How inspirational to see our Mission embodied so well by each of you! Thank you for all the care and sacrifice that has gone into making this Covid semester such a success, and such an example for all."

Ger Wegemer, English

"Thank you to our staff members for the great care you exercised all summer in getting classrooms and spaces student-ready. You have made this semester possible."

Lauren Younger, Library

"I am grateful to all the faculty, staff, and administrators who have worked tirelessly to ensure we could have and maintain an on-ground experience this fall. Returning to campus, albeit with a mask, was such a joyful experience and I am indebted to those who have invested time and energy into this endeavor."

Deanna Soper, Biology

"Thank you all for keeping my students safe and in good spirits throughout the semester!"

Lance Simmons, Philosophy

"As the semester began I encountered student after student who clearly had been helped and “cared for” by UD staff members in a variety of ways made especially impactful by the unique pandemic situation. As a result the students were joyful, grateful, and ready to begin their semester in spite of the pandemic. Thank you for caring for our students; it truly is the village that makes UD distinctive."

Tammy Leonard, Economics

"I am extremely grateful to our Facilities staff who has moved around all the classroom furniture, outdoor and indoor lounging furniture to establish safe-distancing, has set up means of disinfecting public spaces, and has placed signage everywhere to remind us of our precautions. I am extraordinarily grateful to our UDPD and Campus Safety officers, who have taken up the burdensome task of policing our students for mask wearing and proper distancing, jeopardizing all the effort they have put into developing cordial relationships with the student body. We would not be open on-ground without your hard work."

John Norris, Associate Provost

"Thank you to Nicholas Otranto, admin in Modern Languages, for the lightning speed and reliability with which he completes any work I give him; Mr Robert Hanson in printing and postal for so speedily and efficiently getting course packets ready; the Anselm Custodial Staff for cleaning our building; JD Peavler for his help with various computer issues and his amazing response time; Drs. Burns and Spring for their work with placement, student schedules, struggling students, and all the many behind-the-scenes things I don't realize they do; President Hibbs and his team for their courage to go through with opening the university despite the fact that so many other universities went online."

Laura Eidt, Modern Languages