Admission Counselor Monnica Bremer

Admission Counselor Monnica Bremer

Monnica Bremer

Admission Counselor

Hometown: Tulsa, OK

Alma Mater: University of Dallas

Degree: B.A in History with Concentrations in Theology and Italian

Why I love UD/Why I Recruit for UD: I wrote my senior History Thesis on Medieval education and how the medievals learned through expounding upon older texts and placed their own thoughts and expressions onto them. They truly stood on the shoulders of giants. That is what I see happening here at UD. Through the Core, all of the students stand on these same shoulders and through those studies they become formed into people that strive to pass on these traditions and knowledge to those who they are with. 

Favorite Spot on Campus: The Cap Bar!

Where Do You Hang Out in Dallas?: Anywhere in Las Colinas, Cuppa, UD, the Dallas Museum of Art and the Kimbell Art Museum.

Favorite Book: St. Theresa of Avila’s Autobiography 

Favorite Place to Eat in DFW: Sushi Kura, Rodeo Goat, Lambertis, and Monaco! 

Favorite/Coolest Place I have Visited: Krakow, Rome, Palermo, Vienna, Copenhagen, Chartres, Prague and Munich! 

Advice to Prospective Students: I recommend being open to your course of study. I came in wanting to study Biology but after going through part of the Core, I found that I was most passionate about History and that I knew I would be happier getting to study it while I was here! So, do not be afraid to change direction, it is alright to change your mind. This is something that UD really helps students with, so ask your professors and classmates for help and advice, they are there to help!