Scholar Practitioner

Scholar Practitioner

Become a Neuhoff Scholar-Pratitioner & Earn a Full Scholarship! 

Today's culture needs engaged servant-leaders who are driven to make an impact through their God-given talents. Are you a culture-changer, who, like Saint Mother Teresa once shared, is able to "bloom where you are planted"? If this is you, we invite you to apply to the Neuhoff Scholar-Practitioner Program. 

What you'll learn

The Neuhoff Scholar-Practitioner Program is an opportunity to develop your professional, academic, administrative and pastoral skills. It's also an opportunity to open your heart and stretch out your hands to serve your colleagues and classmates. 

  • Working with a spiritual mentor, discern your particular pastoral strengths and discover how the Lord is calling you to place your strengths at the service of the community. Answer the question – How are you called to be a steward in God's created world right now, and in the future? The university chaplain, campus ministers and various lay and clergy members on campus are available as spiritual mentors to meet with you on an ongoing basis throughout your time as a Neuhoff Scholar-Practitioner.  
  • Working alongside a faculty mentor, tap into the current dialogue of contemporary pastoral research through one of their academic projects, or propose your own. Reflect on the unfolding of doctrine within the context of of today's culture and learn to consider new approaches to contemporary pastoral concerns.      
  • Collaborating with the other Neuhoff Scholar-Practitioners, learn to perceive the everyday tasks of human and professional-ministerial life in the light of faith, elevating them to a sharing in God's creative work and carrying them out for the good of the community, like St. Paul in his letter to the Romans, "In the service of the Lord, work not halfheartedly but with conscientiousness and an eager spirit" Rom. 12:11.

How you'll serve

How you'll serve as a Neuhoff Scholar-Practitioner depends largely on who the Lord is calling you to be and how he is calling you to place your gifts and talents at the service of the community. Bringing your thoughts and reflections from your ongoing discernment of your particular pastoral strengths into conversation with the Neuhoff Scholar-Practitioner director, your service assignment is proposed. A series of reflection meetings are scheduled with the director, to evaluate the direction of your ongoing pastoral work as a Neuhoff Scholar-Practitioner. 

How you'll serve may include some of the following ways: 

  • Broaden the scope of contemporary pastoral learning by facilitating research for faculty in academic projects, scholarly publications, presentations and other special initiatives.
  • Enhance the dynamism of classroom dialogue by assisting in the development of course notes, and finding and preparing academic materials.
  • Foster community by enhancing the hospitality efforts for lectures, presentations and other special events which bring hundreds to experience the truth of the Gospel through the Ann & Joe O. Neuhoff Institute for Ministry & Evangelization.
  • Make the gift of theological education for transformative service more accessible to current and prospective students by supporting research and administrative follow-up for research grants and other funding sources.
  • Develop relationships with key clubs, organizations and offices on campus, to increase collaboration on various service-oriented initiatives and inspire others engage in the mission and activities of the Neuhoff Institute for Ministry & Evangelization. 
  • Connect and engage with parishes, non-profits and like-minded ministries in Dallas-Fort Worth to support the formation and ministerial needs of our geographical community through initiatives like the Dallas Ministry Conference.
  • Inspire and serve undergraduate students, alongside the office of campus ministry, in a range of activities including the facilitation of men's/ women's faith formation groups, directing the annual Hearts and Hammers service project, co-directing the alternative spring break program, and planning the annual vocations and post-graduate fair.

Where you'll grow

When Mother Teresa received the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize, she was asked, “What can we do to promote world peace?” Her answer was “Go home and love your family.”

This same sentiment is what inspires the Neuhoff Scholar-Practitioner Program. While we are all called at times to go out to the "highways and byways" to preach Christ, we're also called to "bloom where we are planted." The university and the cities surrounding are the Neuhoff Institute for Ministry & Evangelization's vineyard....

The time of graduate study can seem like a return to a more contemplative way of life for many (which at times can feel very foreign in our world of go-go-go!) 

The nuts & bolts

  • The ministry school offers two part-time Neuhoff Scholar-Practitioner positions (20 hours/week) to students enrolled full-time in a graduate program offered by the Neuhoff Institute for Ministry & Evangelization.
  • Each position is offered on an annual basis and is renewable for a second year with application and approval of the Dean.
  • Neuhoff Scholar-Practitioners receive full tuition remission for up to nineteen credits annually and an annual stipend.
  • The Neuhoff Scholar-Practitioner Program is open to current graduate students and incoming applicants. Incoming applicants to the Neuhoff School of Ministry must have completed the entire application process before being considered for the program.
  • Neuhoff Scholar-Practitioners have ongoing meetings with the director of the program, to ensure the vision and mission of the program is aligned with the Neuhoff Scholar-Practitioner candidate. 

How to apply