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Catholic Imagination Conference

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2022 Catholic Imagination Conference
Sept. 30 - Oct. 1, 2022

Universal Questions 

This international biennial conference, hosted this year by the University of Dallas Cowan Center, features dozens of writers, poets, filmmakers, playwrights, journalists, editors, publishers, students, and critics. Together, we will explore a variety of questions surrounding the Catholic imagination in literature and the arts. 

What is the future of the Catholic literary and artistic tradition? What is the state of faith-laced discourse in a world increasingly characterized by schism and brokenness? How is Catholic thought and practice particularly well suited to address universal human needs such as redemption, forgiveness, community, and hope? 

Open to All 

The Biennial Catholic Imagination Conference is unique in that it appeals to lay person and scholar alike. Honoring the Ignatian premise that all people are hungry for substantive and integrated thought and encounter, sessions are designed so that all conference guests will find something of interest and edification. 

Some sessions will appeal to more general readers and thinkers while others will pique the interest of trained scholars and specialists. Please take a moment to read about our Speakers. The Catholic Imagination Conference has something for everybody and all are welcome!