Sponsors - Catholic Imagination Conference - University of Dallas

Sponsors - Catholic Imagination Conference - University of Dallas

2022 Sponsors

Loyola University Chicago: Hank Center for Catholic Intellectual Heritage 

Loyola University Chicago

The Joan and Bill Hank Center, one of Loyola's five Centers of  Excellence, is a venue for faculty, students, and staff to learn about, and investigate, Roman Catholic thought and its links to all academic disciplines. With its strong emphasis on scholarly research and interdisciplinary engagement, The Hank Center is a productive space where the fruits of scholarship and inquiry can be encountered, discussed, and shared.

McGrath Institute For Church Life

McGrath InstituteThe McGrath Institute for Church Life partners with Catholic dioceses, parishes, and schools to address pastoral challenges with theological depth and rigor. By connecting the Catholic intellectual life to the life of the Church, we form faithful Catholic leaders for service to the Church and the world.

The University of St. Thomas MFA Program

University of St. Thomas

The Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program offers an advanced apprenticeship in poetry and fiction, taught by a host of distinguished writers and scholars.  The program integrates intense and invigorating workshops in writing with a series of comprehensive seminars in the Catholic literary and intellectual tradition.

The Institute for Human Ecology

   Institutefor Humane Ecology

The Institute for Human Ecology (IHE) at The Catholic University of America is the nation's leading academic institute committed to increasing scientific understanding of the economic, cultural, and social conditions vital for human flourishing.

Wyoming Catholic College

Wyoming Catholic College

Wyoming Catholic College forms students through a rigorous immersion in the primary sources of the classical liberal arts tradition, the grandeur of the mountain wilderness, and the spiritual heritage of the Catholic Church. Grounded in real experience and thoughtful reflection, our graduates love truth, think clearly, and communicate eloquently, engaging with the world as it is.

Fordham University: The Francis and Ann Curran Center for American Catholic Studies

Fordham University

The Francis and Ann Curan Center for American Catholic Studies at Fordham University advances knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of American Catholicism within the academy, the church, the broader religious community, and the general public.

Wiseblood Books 

Wiseblood BooksWiseblood Books fosters works of fiction, poetry, and philosophy that find redemption in uncanny places and people; wrestle us from the tyranny of noise and rescue us from the republic of boredom; articulate faith and doubt in their incarnate complexity; and render well this world's countless sublimities and sufferings without forfeiting hope—all of this with an unflinching gaze, wide-eyed.

Well-Read Mom

Well-Read MomWell-Read Mom accompanies women in the reading of great books and spiritual classics to encourage personal growth, friendship, and meaningful conversations in order to explore the human condition and reorient ourselves to what is good, beautiful, and true. In Well-Read Mom, women read more and read well. Their hope is to deepen the awareness of meaning hidden in each woman’s daily life, elevate the cultural conversation, and revitalize reading literature from books. 

Slant Books

Slant BooksSlant Books is an independent, not-for-profit literary press specializing in fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, philosophy, theology, and belles lettres. Slant titles are marked by the kind of meticulous craft and passion for language that are harder and harder to come by in our age of instant publishing and literary gimmickry. 

Catholic Culture Podcast Network

Catholic Culture Podcast The Catholic Culture Podcast Network offers wide-ranging, deep engagement with the arts and other aspects of culture from a faithful Catholic perspective. Its four podcasts feature interviews on Catholic arts and culture, film discussions, early Church history, and audiobooks of classic Catholic works. This podcast network is an extension of the Catholic Culture website, which has been serving Catholics all over the world since 2003.

Collegium Institute

Collegium Institute Founded by faculty, alumni, students, & friends of the University of Pennsylvania, the Collegium Institute is an independent, academic community with a catholic vision: that is, it draws mainstream learning into conversation with the Catholic intellectual tradition & cultivates reflection on the catholic, or universal, questions that animate every human life

Image Journal

Image JournalImage fosters contemporary art and writing that grapple with the mystery of being human by curating, cultivating, convening, and celebrating work that explores religious faith and faces spiritual questions. Image is animated by our vision to be a vibrant thread in the fabric of culture, contributing to mainstream literary and artistic communities by demonstrating the vitality of contemporary art and literature invigorated by religious faith.

Ignatius Press

Ignatius PressIgnatius Press was founded in 1978 by Fr. Joseph Fessio, S.J., with the mission of bringing the works of great European theologians—particularly Hans Urs von Balthasar, Henri de Lubac, and Joseph Ratzinger—to English-speaking readers. Today Ignatius Press is a leading publisher of Catholic books in theology, philosophy, spirituality, and Scripture studies, as well as children’s books, catechetical works, and fiction.

Catholic Literary Arts

Catholic Literary ArtsCatholic Literary Arts encourages ongoing growth in literary, artistic, and spiritual development of artists and writers so that the Cultural Patrimony and rich treasures of the Catholic Church may be more perfectly explored and used to draw all peoples to God.


Word on FireWord On Fire

Word on Fire reaches millions every year by effectively sharing the Gospel via podcasts, videos, books, articles, Scripture studies, and Gospel meditations. Word on Fire sets out into the deep to reveal what it means to truly encounter Christ by proclaiming the universality of the Catholic faith that is both ancient and forever new, reaching beyond the borders of country, background, or person.

Paraclete Press

Paraclete PressAs the publishing house of a Cape Cod Benedictine community, the Community of Jesus, Paraclete Press presents a full expression of Christian belief and practice—Catholic, evangelical, mainline Protestant, Orthodox—reflecting the ecumenical charism of the Community and its dedication to sacred music, the fine arts, and the written word. We publish books, recordings, sheet music, and videos that nourish the vibrant life of the church and its people.

Our Lady of Dallas Cistercian Abbey 

America Media 

Angelico Press

Georgetown University

Eighth Day Books

Presence: A Journal of Catholic Poetry


Further donations and support for the conference are most welcome. If you or your organization would like to help fund the Catholic Imagination Conference, please feel free to contact the Cowan Center at CIC2022@udallas.edu