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Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate Course Descriptions

BUS 1301 Business Foundations Seminar. An introduction to business practices, management principles and functional disciplines within organizations. It will introduce the student to contemporary issues in business within the context of the economic, moral, political, social and legal pressures on business decision-making.

BUS 1302 Finite Math for Business Seminar. This course is designed to help business students apply mathematical concepts to a wide variety of business activities. The course is computational in nature and students will learn to formulate and solve practical business problems and analyses that require finite math. The following topics are covered: linear equations, matrices, sets and counting, probability, basic statistical analysis, mathematics of finance and difference equations. Upon completion of this course business students will be competent with standard business math applications that occur throughout the business curriculum.

BUS 1310 Financial Accounting. Developing an understanding of accounting processes, this course will focus on the preparation and use of accounting reports for business entities. An understanding of the uses of accounting for external reporting, emphasizing accounting as a provider of financial information, will be stressed.

BUS 3101 Applied Computer Technology. Development of skills necessary to facilitate problem solving, decision making, and communication with technology. Skill development competencies include spreadsheets, databases, and presentation software. Prerequisite: BUS 1301 Introduction to Business.

BUS 3302 Leadership and Organizations. An introduction to the process of leading within the framework and structure of complex organizations. The course examines leadership theory and behavioral science research with an emphasis on the development of leadership and interpersonal skills through self-assessment, case analysis, and experiential exercises. Prerequisite: BUS 1301 or equivalent.

BUS 3304 Practice of Management. The application of contemporary management theory to the operational aspects of businesses and non-profit organizations. Human resource concepts important in the management of individuals and groups are discussed and applied through the use of case study, experiential exercise, or simulation. Prerequisite: BUS 1301 or equivalent. (Credit may not be earned for both BUS 3304 and BLT 2311.)

BUS 3306 Communication in Business. Business professionals must be excellent communicators who can use rhetoric and persuasion to convey ideas. This course is designed to help students develop a communication strategy for effective management. Students will focus on the mechanics of persuasion, argumentation, analysis and critique. Special consideration will also be given to understanding cross cultural business communication. It is recommended that the course be taken in the first two years of the business leadership program.

BUS 3307 Global Entrepreneurship. This course provides students with the unique opportunity to gain knowledge of the entrepreneurial process and apply the process to examine the feasibility of a new business idea. Students will examine a proposed new business concept and determine whether the idea presents a real opportunity. Focus will be on examining the value proposition, determining the scope and size of the market and providing the financial and economic viability of the business concept. Students will also examine the various forms and methods of entry into the international market place. There will be tours of several global manufacturing and marketing organizations. Emphasis will be placed on how to examine the feasibility of entering a foreign marketplace.

BUS 3310 Fundamentals of Managerial Finance. The foundational principles for managing the financial function within an organization. Students will learn how to value uncertain cash flows, develop an understanding of the concept of risk, examine the relationship between risk and return, and develop an understanding of the relationship between accounting and finance. Prerequisite: BUS 3314 or equivalent.

BUS 3314 Managerial Accounting. Emphasizes uses of accounting statements in management decisions and budgeting for business operations; focus is on the internal use of accounting information. Prerequisite: BUS 1310. Completion or concurrent enrollment in BUS 3330 is recommended.

BUS 3320 Marketing Theory and Practice. An introduction to the marketing approaches applied by business firms and other organizations. Attention focuses on the influence of the marketplace; the process of determining an enterprise's products, prices, channels, and communication strategies; and the preparation of a marketing plan. BUS 1301 and Junior or Senior class standing.

BUS 3321 International Marketing Management. A study of the global strategic planning, pricing, promotion and distribution of goods or services. Focus is directed toward the impact of culture, legal and political forces, demographic differences, and competitive forces on marketing decision making. Topical coverage includes import/export, multinational market regions and emerging markets, and international advertising and sales. Prerequisite: BUS 3320.

BUS 3323 Buyer Behavior Management. A study of the psychological foundations underlying the cognitive processing of marketing communications, the attraction of buyers to a product or service, the buying decision, and the post-buying evaluation. Emphasis is focused on improving management decisions regarding pricing, promotion, design, and distribution of goods or services. Prerequisite: BUS 3320.

BUS 3330 Operations Management. An introduction to the facility and distribution alternatives available in the functional activities of materials procurement, materials transformation, and product distribution. Focuses on the creation of value for customers. BUS 1301 and Junior or Senior class standing.

BUS 3340 Legal Environment. The study of law and jurisprudence relating to the conduct of business and corporate not-for-profit entities. Legal topics include forms of organization, contracts, torts, negotiable instruments and securities, product liability, agency, insurance, employment, bankruptcy, governmental regulation, and legal forms and processes. Jurisprudential subjects include the relationship of law to the economic, political and social orders, the evolution of Anglo-American common law, and comparative legal systems with particular attention to the Napoleonic Code. Prerequisite: BUS 1301 and Junior or Senior class standing.

BUS 3V52 Topics in Business. The study of theory and practice related to contemporary business issues or as detailed or intensive coverage of advanced discipline specific content. Topics will vary, and course may be repeated for credit for different topics. Prerequisite: BUS 1301, Junior or Senior class standing, and approval by a Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business faculty advisor.

BUS 3V57 Business Internship. Enables students to develop practical skills and knowledge in a business environment. The internship is complemented by periodic campus seminars and submission of a final paper or project. The guidelines and forms for Internships apply. Graded pass/no pass. Prerequisite: BUS 1301 and Junior or Senior class standing.

BUS 4101 Human Resource Skills. Development of the human resource skills necessary for the effective supervision of employees. Skill development topics include employment interviews, performance appraisals, on-the-job training and orientation, discipline, investigation, counseling, and termination. Prerequisite: BUS 1301 Introduction to Business.

BUS 4303 Organization Behavior Theory. An advanced study of the theory underlying the practice of managing behavior in organizations. Classic and contemporary readings in management, organizational behavior, social psychology, and industrial-organizational psychology will be used to develop the students' understanding of topics including individual differences, perception, attitudes, social cognition, motivation, interpersonal relations, and group behavior in work organizations. Prerequisite: BUS 3302.

BUS 4315 Auditing Principles. A financial accounting study of the topic of auditing focusing on the audit of financial statements. Topics also covered include professional ethics, internal and operational auditing, forensic accounting, and assurance services. Prerequisite: BUS 3313.

BUS 4321 Retail Management. A study of merchandising management focusing on buying, distribution, inventory control, store location and layout, promotion and advertising, and product pricing. Prerequisite: BUS 3320.

BUS 4325 Integrated Marketing Communications. A study of the strategic influence of customers and stakeholders by organizations through advertising and other forms of promotion. This course content focuses on the primary components of promotion management, such as promotion mix, promotional budgeting, and the determination of appropriate messages and media, with the goal of developing integrated marketing communication strategies. Prerequisite: BUS 3320.

BUS 4V52 Topics in Business. The study of theory and practice related to contemporary business issues or as detailed or intensive coverage of advanced discipline specific content. Topics will vary, and course may be repeated for credit for different topics. Prerequisite: BUS 1301, Junior or Senior class standing, and approval by a Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business faculty advisor.

BUS 4V61 Independent Study. Independent research under the guidance of a full time Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business faculty member. Prerequisite: Declared major in Business Leadership, Senior class standing, and approval of the College's Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs.

BUS 4490 Senior Business Seminar. Integration and application of the knowledge and skills gained throughout the business leadership program through the study of global leadership strategies. Students will be required to demonstrate an integrated and applied understanding of strategic leadership theory and management principles in a global context. The seminar semester includes completion of the Senior Comprehensive Exam. Prerequisite: final Spring semester of study and approval of a Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business Undergraduate Faculty Advisor.


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