Peter Hatlie, Ph.D.


Ph.D., Byzantine and Medieval History, Fordham (1993); Mentors: Professor Rev. John Meyendorff (†) and Professor Maryanne Kowaleski

M.A., Medieval History, Fordham University (1985)

B.A., Classics & Humanities, Saint Olaf College (1983)

Additional Coursework

1985-1986: Byzantine Art and Archaeology, New York University, Institute of Fine Arts
1985-1986: Armenian & Georgian History, Dept. of Near Eastern Languages and Literatures, Columbia University
1984: Greek Paleography, Harvard University
1984-1985: Early Christian and Byzantine Theology, St. Vladimir's Orthodox Seminary
1981:  Classics, St. Catherine's College, Cambridge University
1979-1980: Greek Art & Archaeology, College Year in Athens

Academic Appointments

2003 & 2005: Academic Director and Dean of the Rome Campus, University of Dallas
1999-2005: Visiting Assistant Professor of History, University of Dallas Rome Program
1994-2000: Tenured University Lecturer in Byzantine Studies, Department of Classics, University of Groningen, The Netherlands
Fall 1996: Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Archaeology and the History of Art, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey
1993-1994: Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of History, American University in Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
1992-1993: Instructor, Department of History, Upsala College
1986-1988: Teaching Fellow & Adjunct Instructor, Dept. of History, Fordham University

Recent Courses

Ancient Greek Language and Literature
Medieval/Byzantine Greek Language and Literature
Ancient History
Byzantine History
Medieval History

Selected Publications


The Monks and Monasteries of Constantinople (ca. 350-850) (Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, 2007).  


A. Louth, The Expository Times 121:6 (2010) 319.

Av. Cameron, The Journal of Ecclesiastical History 60 (2009) 553-5.

J. Hilner, The Journal of Hellenic Studies 129 (2009) 251-2.

Articles and Book Chapters

“Monasticism in the Byzantine Empire,” in The Oxford Handbook of Christian Monasticism,” ed. Bernice M. Kaczynski and Thomas Sullivan, OSB (New York-Oxford) (in press).

“Images of Motherhood and Self in Byzantine Literature,” Dumbarton Oaks Papers 63 (2009) 31-57.

“The Religious Lives of Children and Adolescents,” in A People’s History of Christianity. Vol 3: Byzantine Christianity, ed. Derek Krueger (Minneapolis, Fortress Press: 2006) 182-200.

“Monks and Circus Factions in Early Byzantine Political Life,” Monastères, images, pouvoirs et société à Byzance, ed. Michel Kaplan (Byzantina Sorbonensia, 23) (Paris, Publications de la Sorbonne: 2006) 13-25.

“Spiritual Authority and Monasticism in Constantinople During the Dark Ages (ca. 650-800),” in Portraits of Spiritual Authority, eds. J.W. Drijvers and John Watt, Religions of the Graeco-Roman World (Leiden: Brill, 1999), 195-222.

“Friendship and the Byzantine Iconoclast Age,” in Friendship and Friendship Networks in the Middle Ages, ed. Julian Haseldine (London: Sutton Press, 1990), 137-52.

“Redeeming Byzantine Epistolography,” Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies 20 (1996): 213-48.

Edited & Translated Texts

“The Encomium of Ss. Isakios and Dalmatos by Michael the Monk (BHG3 956d): Text, Translation and Notes, in EUKOSMIA. Studi miscellanei per il 75˚di Vincenzo Poggi S.J., eds. Vincenzo Ruggieri and Luca Pieralli (Rome, 2003), 275-311.

“The Answer to Paul Asen of Gregory Palamas: A Fourteenth-Century Apology for One, Grand and Angelic Schema,” St. Vladimir's Theological Quarterly 33:1 (1989): 35‑51.

Book Reviews

R.H. Jordan and Rosemary Morris, eds., The Hypotyposis of the Monastery of the Theotokos Evergetis, Constantinople (11th-12th Centuries), by (Farnham, Ashgate: 2012), in The English Historical Review 129: 540 (2014) 1165-7.

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Roman Cholij, Theodore the Stoudite, The Ordering of Holiness, Oxford Theological Monographs (Oxford University Press: Oxford, 2002), in The Journal of Ecclesiastical History 54:2 (2003): 330-331.

Awards & Honors

Visiting Scholar, School of Graduate Studies, University of Texas at Austin (2005)
Dumbarton Oaks Summer Fellowships (1995, 2002)
Kosciuszko Foundation Scholarship (1991-2)
Dumbarton Oaks Junior Fellowship (1989-90)
Fulbright-Hays Research Fellowship (Thessaloniki, GR, 1988-9)
American School of Classical Studies, Gennadeion Fellowship, (Athens, GR 1988-9)
Phi Beta Kappa, St. Olaf College (1982)