Elizabeth Robinson, Ph.D.


Ph.D., Classical Archaeology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2013). Dissertation: "The Impact of Roman Expansion in Central-Southern Italy: The Case of Larinum" (Director: N. Terrenato).

M.A., Classical Archaeology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2007).

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Classics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, (2004).

B.A., Physics, with a minor in Archaeology cum laude, Bowdoin College, (2003).

Academic Appointments

Assistant Professor, Department of Classics, University of Dallas Rome Program, 2017-present

Affiliate Assistant Professor of Art History, University of Dallas Rome Program, 2015-2017

Lecturer in Art History, John Cabot University, Rome, Italy, Fall 2016

Assistant Professor of Classics, Classical and Near Eastern Studies, Binghamton University, 2014-2015

Assistant Professor, Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies, Rome, Italy, 2013-2014

Assistant Director, Summer Program in Archaeology, American Academy in Rome, 2011, 2012

Adjunct Professor, Department of Archaeology and Classics, Department of Art History, The American University of Rome, Fall 2011

Instructor, Department of Classics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Summer 2008

Professional Experience

Assistant Dean for Academics, University of Dallas Rome Program, 2017-present

Associate editor for the Pleiades Project (http://pleiades.stoa.org/home), 2015-Present.
Pleiades won the Archaeological Institute of America Award for Outstanding work in Digital Archaeology in 2017.

On-site assistant, Harvard Sophomore Excursion Seminar to Rome, Department of History of Art and Architecture, Harvard University, Spring 2012.

Acting Director, Ancient World Mapping Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2007-2009.

The Gabii Project (Director: N. Terrenato): Regional Topography and Digital Data Coordinator (2016-Present); Part-time chief topographer (2010); Staff member on Topography Team (2009-2013)

The "Gabii Goes Digital: 21st c. Data, 21st c. Publications. Rich Digital Data and 3D Model Publication" project (Directors: R. Opitz, N. Terrenato, F. Limp): Team member (2013-2016)

Re-Survey of Biferno Valley Survey and Forma Italiae Sites around Larinum: Director (2010-2011)

The Gabii Core-Sampling Project (Director: M. Mogetta): Staff member (2008)

The Upper Simeto Valley Project (Directors: A. Leone and R. Witcher): Staff member in charge of GIS (2006-2007)

Bowdoin College/University of Michigan excavations at Santa Venera in Paestum (Director: J. Higginbotham): Volunteer (2003)

Current Professional Memberships:
College Art Association
Archaeological Institute of America
Women's Classical Caucus
The Society of Fellows of the American Academy in Rome

Recent Courses

ART 2311: Art and Architecture in Rome
CLL3V50: Latin Readings
Ancient Rome and its Monuments (taught at John Cabot University)

Research Interests

Roman art and archaeology, specifically the cultural and physical landscapes of Italy in the first millennium BCE; Italian urbanism; Roman interactions with the other inhabitants of the Italian peninsula, particularly in central-southern Italy; GIS and digital mapping; integration of digital technologies in the field of Classics.

Selected Publications

Edited Volume:
E.C. Robinson, ed. Supplement 97: Papers on Italian Urbanism in the First Millennium B.C. Portsmouth, R.I. (Journal of Roman Archaeology). "Introduction" and chapter "Non-Greek Urbanism in Southern Italy in the 4th and 3rd c. B.C." in the same volume. 2014.

Reviews: S. Roselaar, Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2015.02.09; M. A. Anderson, American Journal of Archaeology 120.3

Articles and Book Chapters:
"Larinum" in the digital edition of the Oxford Classical Dictionary, ed. S. Goldberg. 2017. http://classics.oxfordre.com/view/10.1093/acrefore/9780199381135.001.0001/acrefore-9780199381135-e-3592.

"Local Power Networks at Larinum Before and After its Integration into the Roman State." (SOMA 2012 Identity and Connectivity: Proceedings of the 16th Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology, Florence, Italy, 1-3 March 2012, L. Bombardieri, A. D'Agostino, G. Guarducci, V. Orsi and S. Valentini, edd. Oxford (Archaeopress): 887-894). 2013.

E.C. Robinson and T. Sironen. "A New Inscription in Oscan from Larinum: Decisive Evidence in Favor of a Local Cult of Mars and Mater (Deum?)." (Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 185: 251-261). 2013.

"A Localized Approach to the Study of Integration and Identity in Southern Italy." (Processes of Integration and Identity Formation in the Roman Republic, S.T. Roselaar, ed. Leiden (Brill): 247-271). 2012.

"Rural Settlement Patterns and Sanctuaries in the Middle Volturno Valley." (Ostraka 18.1: 221-235). 2009.



Selected Recent Presentations and Posters:
"The Terracotta Statuettes of Eros from Larinum," 119th Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, Boston, MA, 2018.

"Turning Spatial with Pleiades: Creating, Teaching, and Publishing Maps in Ancient Studies," 119th Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, Boston, MA, 2018.

"Urban Transformation in Ancient Molise: Larinum from 400 BCE to 100 CE," Institut für Klassische Archäologie at the Freie Universität Berlin, 2016

"Digital Data Recording, Interpretation, and Publication: The Gabii Project Excavations," Institut für Klassische Archäologie at the Freie Universität Berlin, 2016

"Prosopography of the Leading Families of Larinum, circa 100 BCE to 250 CE," 'People of the Ancient World' conference, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2016

"Archaeological and Epigraphic Evidence for the Cult of Mater Deum (Cybele) at the Site of Larinum (Molise)," 'Symposium Peregrinum 2016: The Mysteries of Mithras and other Mystic Cults in the Roman World,' Tarquinia, 2016

"The Site Biography as an Important Tool for Understanding the Archaeology of Hellenistic Italy," 26th Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Rome, 2016

T. Sironen and E. C. Robinson, "Recente evidenza epigrafica osca sul culto di Mamers nella res publica Larinatium," The state/State of the Samnites? / Lo stato/Stato dei Sanniti?, Rome, 2016

"From Independent Town to Roman Municipium: The Integration of Larinum into the Roman State," Cornell Institute of Archaeology and Materials Science, Ithaca, New York, 2015

"Epigraphic Evidence of the Erection of Monuments by and for Important Local Women in Larinum," 116th Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, New Orleans, 2015

"Developments in Larinum and its surrounding territory in the aftermath of the Roman conquest of Italy," 11th Roman Archaeology Conference, Reading, England, 2014

"The Impact of Roman Expansion in Central-Southern Italy: The Case of Larinum," 'Processes of Integration in the Roman world (300 BC – AD 200),' Nottingham, England, 2013

"Larinum Before the Roman Conquest: A Discussion of the Evidence," 'L'Italie "à parts égales": écrire l'histoire de l'Italie avant la conquête romaine' atelier doctoral, Naples, Italy, 2013

"A New Oscan Inscription from Molise: The First Epigraphic Evidence for the Worship of Mars in Larinum," 114th Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, Seattle, WA, 2013

"Epigraphic Evidence of the Integration of Larinum into the Roman State," 113th Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, Philadelphia, PA, 2012


Book Reviews:
Yntema, D. The Archaeology of South-East Italy in the First millennium BC: Greek and Native Societies of Apulia and Lucania Between the 10th and the 1st Century BC. Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam Press, 2013, American Journal of Archaeology 120.1, 2016.01.01. www.ajaonline.org/book-review/2562.

Awards & Honors

National Grants:
2017-2019 NEH Collaborative Research Grant (Co-Principal Investigator), Gabii Project, $250,000
2012-2014 NEH Collaborative Research Grant (Participant), Gabii Project, $250,000

Selected Fellowships and Academic Honors:
2016, 2018 Milligan Rome Faculty Development Fellowship, University of Dallas
2012-2013 Werner P. Friederich Off-Campus Dissertation Research Fellowship, UNC-Chapel Hill
2010-2012 Irene Rosenzweig / Samuel H. Kress Foundation Pre-Doctoral Rome Prize, American Academy in Rome
2009-2010 Olivia James Traveling Fellowship, Archaeological Institute of America
2009-2010 U.S. Fulbright Graduate Student Full Grant to Italy
2008 Elected to Frank Porter Graham Honor Society, UNC-Chapel Hill
2004-2013 William R. Kenan, Junior Fellowship, UNC-Chapel Hill
2003 Elected Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Chapter of Maine, Bowdoin College