Exodus - Seniors Retreat

Exodus - Seniors Retreat

Get ready for Exodus!
April 20, 2024

Senior Retreat 2024 poster

"Dear Graduands,

Graduation is coming.  In the craziness of exams, career decisions, and the logistics of family attending the various ceremonies, there is little time to stop and truly reflect upon the gift of your time at UD.  This retreat is designed to be a brief oasis as you prepare for the final sprint to the finish line, a time to reflect upon the years at UD, the relationships formed, and the road that lies ahead.

The retreat will include several talks and activities, Mass, and lunch.

I look forward to spending this time with you!

-Dcn Ryan"


All graduating Seniors are invited to enjoy a half day retreat.

Retreat will start at 10am in Anselm 230 and run until 3pm.  Lunch will be provided.

For more information, please speak with our campus minister, Deacon Ryan Sales, SB Hall Rm 254E, x5118, or at rsales@udallas.edu.


Seniors Retreat 2024Campus Ministry would like to thank all those seniors who attended Exodus 2023!