Club Officer Resources

Club Officer Resources

Club Officer Resources

Club Officers can use this page to utilize various resources.

Event Request Form

Please submit your Event Requests at least 7 days before your proposed event.

All clubs must notify Student Activities of all of their events whether off-campus or on-campus by using the above form. This gives our office a semesterly record of club activity and will help you receive future funding.


Canva: is a great website to use for poster and flyer design. There are lots of free options! 
Printing Posters: Club officers should email for printing posters. When you email, attach the documents you want printed as pdfs and mention your club name plus Activity Code.
Accommodations on Posters: Please include the following on posters--[If you need ADA accommodations to be able to attend this event, please contact Inelda Acosta Ed.D., pHCLE at] 
Posters in Haggar: Two posters must be brought to the OSA front desk for stamps. One stamped poster goes downstairs across from the Rat entrance. One stamped poster goes on the slatted wall near the piano on the main floor. 
Posters in Cardinal Farrell: If you would like to put posters up in Cardinal Farrell, please bring them to the Provost's office; students are not allowed to hang up posters on their own in CFH. 
Posters in Gorman, Haggerty, and Braniff: Please keep them on or near the bulletin boards in each of these buildings.
Posters in Residence Halls: If you would like your posters to be put up in residence halls, you can bring 20 posters to the front desk of the OSA in upstairs Haggar. Alternatively, you may put them in the RA cubbies located in the Residence Coordinator Office yourself.
Stall Street Request: Please submit your request by noon the Thursday before the event (if it is a weekend event please submit two weeks in advance).
Haggar Advertising Requests (Banners and TVs Requests will be processed within three (3) business days.

Student Government Clubs & Orgs Grant 

Student Government offers grants to clubs who have or will spend all of their institutional funding. A grant proposal can be submitted via the SG Funding Request Form