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Planned Giving Stories- Office of Development and University Relations - University of Dallas

Focus on Planned Giving

Legacy Society: Dan and Kathy Milligan

For Legacy Society members Dan Milligan, BA ’91, and Kathy Milligan, BA ’91 MBA ’95, their planned gift to UD will honor Kathy’s father, Charles T. Uhl, who had served UD’s IT Department and passed away after battling Alzheimer’s, and also will recognize their shared love for the Rome Program, which transformed their own lives.

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Professor, Alumnus Provides Gift of a Lifetime for Future Doctoral Students

“I have had the strange experience of twice being a UD student, and so this university has shaped my character and my life,” said UD alumnus and Associate Professor of English Andrew Moran, BA ’91 PhD ’04. In his estate plan, Moran has generously provided for scholarships benefiting literature students in UD’s Institute of Philosophic Studies, the doctorate-granting division of the Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts.

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Alumnus, Former Rome Instructor Provides for Rome Scholarship in Estate Plan

Desiring to give back to the UD community, Jim Petzel, BA ’75, provided in his will for scholarships for students to go to Rome — those who, like himself as a student, might not otherwise get to and who might not even consider it due to the financial strain it would put on their families. Petzel’s estate gift, The James Petzel Rome Semester Scholarship, will ensure that future students can participate in the life-changing experience of the Rome Program.

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Alumni Aim to Leave a Legacy of Transformation

From University of Dallas undergraduates to benefactors who have provided for the university in their wills, Mike Perkins, BA ’78, and Sharon (Kapavik) Perkins, BA ’79 MA ’89, have a relationship with UD that has evolved over time, not unlike that between children and parents: “Like one’s adult kids, we’ve come back home at various intervals,” explained Sharon Perkins. “There’s a reason your university is called your ‘alma mater’.”

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Alumna, Retired Teacher Hopes to Make a Difference Through Education

Estelle (Tovar) Lara, BA ’67 MA ’74, has observed the impact of education in her own children’s lives and feels that the only way to make a lasting difference for other people is through education. As a public school teacher, she saw the difficult situations some of her students and their families were in, and she knew that only through a strong education would these children be able to lift themselves beyond those challenges in a significant way. Therefore, about 10 years ago, she sat down with her financial advisor and wrote the University of Dallas into her estate plan.

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Alumna Hopes Her Gift Will Help Others Live Their Best Lives

Widowed at age 30, Joy (Davis) Kirsch, BA ’85, didn’t really know how to move forward. She was already a financial planner and had worked with many widows, but she’d had no clue what it was like to go through such a traumatic event. She realized that it was more than a technical business – it was also a very personal one. Through her own experience, she was motivated to change her focus to other clients who were going through life-changing events, specifically widows. A similar motivation to help others live their best lives led Kirsch to the decision to include UD in her estate plan.

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