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C.W. Eaker Scholarship - Office of Development and University Relations - University of Dallas

C.W. Eaker Scholarship

The C.W. Eaker Scholarship Fund for Chemistry/Biochemistry was signed on July 9 at the University of Dallas by President Thomas Hibbs and Alex and Martha Galbraith, parents of alumna Alison Galbraith, BA ’12.

C.W. EakerOnce fully funded, this competitive scholarship will be awarded to a junior or senior student majoring in chemistry or biochemistry. Among qualified applicants, special preference will be given to first-generation college students, minority students and students with financial need.

This endowed scholarship, the first to be received by Dr. Hibbs, honors a longtime and much-beloved chemistry professor, C.W. Eaker, Ph.D., who served UD with distinction for over 40 years, first as a faculty member, then as dean of Constantin College and finally as provost of the university.

The Alex and Martha Galbraith family established this scholarship with a lead gift of $50,000 to express their thanks to Dr. Eaker for his untiring guidance and support as dean during Alison’s undergraduate experience at UD, and to thank him for his assistance in the establishment of the Galbraith Lecture Series, which furthers the Catholic intellectual tradition carried out to a superior degree at the university.

The timing of this gift, on the occasion of the selection of alumnus and esteemed scholar Thomas S. Hibbs, Ph.D., as president of UD, is intended to celebrate the university’s commitment to that Catholic intellectual tradition and to the Core curriculum that marks UD with distinction. Joseph McDonough, Ph.D., BS ’85, Jennifer Muzyka, Ph.D., BS ’85, and Raymond Chan, Ph.D., BS ’97, are leading a campaign to add to the scholarship fund in order to match the lead gift.

Alumni, especially those who enjoyed the experience of Dr. Eaker demonstrating electron spin by his “dance” around the classroom, are invited to commemorate him in a way that helps future students.

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