Paving the Path -  University of Dallas

Paving the Path - University of Dallas

The University of Dallas relies on the generous contributions of our community — alumni, parents, friends, faculty and staff — to continue providing an education that ennobles and enables our students to impact the world. Your gift is the foundation on which the future is built.

Paving the Path Forward offers the opportunity to have your name permanently engraved on a paver that will be placed on the Alumni and Friends Walkway, a prominent location on campus.

Though not limited to these options, a paver may be purchased to:

  • Commemorate your graduation or Rome semester with your name and class year
  • Celebrate your child’s graduation
  • Recognize a favorite professor or memorialize a classmate.

Pavers come in 12” x 12” and 6” x 12” and are completely tax deductible. The text on the pavers is engraved and painted to ensure that it will endure. They will be installed on the walkway from Lynch Circle off of Northgate Dr. Box# 705 which leads to Haggar University Center and the Mall.

Funds from Paving the Path Forward go toward University of Dallas general scholarships.

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Leave your legacy while supporting UD through buying a paver.

Paver12” x 12” Paver

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12” x 6” Paver

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long after I place an order will my paver be installed?

Pavers will be ordered in groups and installed throughout the year as orders are received. We will let you know via email when your paver is being installed.

After I place my order, can I change the text?

You will receive an email confirmation with your submitted text. After submitting, you have a 24-hour window to contact us with changes before your order is considered final. If we are unable to use your submitted text for any reason, we will contact you.

If I order a paver and then change my mind, how can I cancel the order?

All paver order sales are final, and orders cannot be canceled or refunded.

How will I be able to find my engraved paver?

All pavers are currently located along the Alumni and Friends Walkway, which extends from Lynch Circle off of Northgate Dr. Box# 705 to Haggar University Center and the Mall. It runs between Braniff Memorial Tower and Cardinal Farrell Hall.


The University of Dallas has established guidelines for brick inscriptions in order to safeguard the university’s values and image. The university reserves the right to review and approve all inscriptions before the brick is engraved. Please adhere to the following guidelines to ensure that your personalized brick will be approved.

  • No obscenities or profanities.
  • No acronyms that could be construed as obscene or profane.
  • No derogatory messages of any kind.
  • No sexually explicit messages or double entendre.
  • No political messages.