Data Request Form - Office of Institutional Effectiveness - University of Dallas

Data Request Form - Office of Institutional Effectiveness - University of Dallas

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OIE receives many requests and tries to accommodate as many as can be managed alongside our regular work cycle and staff capacity. We have created a form to help optimize our ability to respond to requests while also providing clear guidance to data-seekers.

Please submit your Data Request 10 days prior to the date data is needed. Data Requests are prioritized according to institutional need, therefore, some data requests may take longer. Some Data Requests may require additional approval(s). Any data provided should be used for departmental needs only. All official publication and external report requests should be processed by OIE.

All requests must fulfill a need specific to the academic or administrative operation of the University. We do not fulfill requests by faculty or students for classroom use (i.e., course projects, surveys).  Unit-record datasets cannot be released to students (even for classroom use or research purposes). Requests for student level data will only be granted under certain circumstances.

Aggregate results of some Institutional Research reports such as the Common Data Set, the official enrollment report, and assessment surveys are considered public and are posted on the OIE homepage. Although this information is not subject to FERPA regulations, data posted at the OIE website and aggregate data released to you should still be handled with care. All requests will adhere to guidelines set forth by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

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