Driver's License Information

Driver's License Information

Getting a Texas Driver's License

International students who will be in the U.S. for longer than 30 days, and plan to drive a car, should obtain a Texas Driver’s License at the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). Access to a car, knowledge of Texas driving regulations, as well as testable driving skills are basic requirements for a driver’s license. You must provide your own vehicle when taking the driving test.

International students are classified as temporary visitors.  Those who meet the requirements will be issued a driver's license with Limited Term printed on it. This means that typically your driver's license will expire in one year or at the end of your academic program, whichever is sooner. You may renew your driver's license as needed if you are still studying or in an active OPT period.  

Applying for a Driver's License as an F-1 Student

  1. Review the instructions provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety
  2. Schedule your Driver's License Appointment
  3. Prepare your documents
    1. Valid passport
    2. Visa
    3. Most recent I-20
    4. Most recent I-94 (can be found HERE)
    5. Social Security Card (if you have one)
    6. Proof of Residency (e.g. utility bill with your name on it, apartment lease with your name on it)
    7. Letter of Support from ISSO Office - can be requested HERE

You may be required to take a vision test, written exam, and driving skills test prior to receiving your driver's license. Please review the above instructions to determine which type of assessments will apply to you.