Annual Vacations

Annual Vacations

At the University of Dallas, there are two academic calendars, the Semester calendar and the Trimester calendar.

Semester Calendar:

On the Semester calendar, sometimes referred to as the traditional academic calendar, students attend school during the Fall and Spring semesters and Summer is ALWAYS vacation (the annual vacation). This is the academic calendar of Constantin College, Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts and the Neuhoff Institute for Ministry & Evangelization.

Trimester Calendar:

On the Trimester calendar at UD, there is no one season that is identified as the vacation term. There are three academic terms per year, a fall term of 12 weeks, a spring term of 12 weeks (starts in January) and a summer term of 12 weeks. Think of it as the "Verizon model of education" - customers can access programs and services year around. There is no cutback in programs or services because the provider is "on vacation." This is the academic calendar of the graduate program of the Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business.

F-1 students in graduate business studies are eligible for one Annual Vacation per calendar year when they have completed an "academic year," that is, two consecutive trimesters of full-time enrollment. Depending upon when a student begins his/her program, "Annual Vacation" could be fall, spring or summer.

Note: Students on the trimester calendar are not required to take an Annual Vacation. They can choose to continue full-time enrollment. The opportunity for an Annual Vacation can roll forward.

SEVIS considerations:
The International Office is required to report to SEVIS when students are full-time enrolled and when they are on their Annual Vacation. To provide that information, graduate business students are required to complete an Annual Vacation Request Form.  Students will indicate on the F1/J1 advising form if he/she plans to take a vacation term.  Your academic advisor will review and if the vacation is valid the advisor will send you the link to complete the Annual Vacation Request Form online.  Once you submit the form, the International Office will review again and notify you if your vacation has been approved or if there is an issue that needs to be resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an Annual Vacation?  

 A. In its simplest form, it is a period of 3 - 3.5 months when students are not attending school full-time.  Students can choose to enroll part-time during vacations terms if the courses they need are offered during that vacation term.

Q. I want to go back home for couple weeks after the fall semester (or trimester).  I will be back in January and enrolled full-time for the spring term. Is that my Annual Vacation?
 A. No.  That is called the "break" between terms.

Q. (from a Constantin student) When I come back to school in August for my fall term I have only 6 credits remaining in my program.  Can I be enrolled less than full time during the fall term?
 A. Yes. You can be enrolled less than full time (even following your Annual Vacation) when it is your final term and you have fewer then 12 credits remaining in your program.

Q. (from a graduate business student) If I am eligible for an Annual Vacation, can I still take it even if when I return I have only my Capstone or Practicum class remaining to complete my degree?
 A. Yes.  Eligibility for your Annual Vacation is based only on your having been enrolled full-time the two terms preceding the Vacation term.  Having fewer than 9 credits remaining in your program upon your return has no bearing on Vacation eligibility.

Q. (from a graduate business student) I transferred to the university of Dallas in January after having been full-time enrolled during the fall at my previous school.  Do I still need to be enrolled full-time for two terms at UD before being eligible for my Annual Vacation?
 A. No.  Your full-time enrollment at your previous school counts towards your eligibility for an Annual Vacation during the summer term.  Vacation eligibility is based on full-time enrollment in F-1 status.  You can meet that standard by enrollment at two different schools. 

Q. If I want to take a few classes during my Annual Vacation, is there a limit as to how many credits I can take?
 A. (directed to a Semester system student) You can take as many credits as you want or that are offered.  Regardless of the number of credits you take, you are still considered to be on your Annual Vacation during the summer.
 A. (directed to graduate business student) Assuming you are staying in the US or going outside the US only briefly during your Annual Vacation, you can only take 8.5 or fewer credits.  If you are outside the US for your entire vacation period, you can take 9 or more credits on-line.  However, because you are out of the country, that term will still be counted as your Annual Vacation term.  Upon return to Irving, two terms of full-time enrollment will be required before you are eligible for another Annual Vacation.