P2P Software Policy

P2P Software Policy

Peer to Peer File Sharing Policy

In recent years, computing networks have seen a rise in the type of file sharing software known as Peer to Peer (P2P). Examples of this type of software are Bittorrent, Kazzaa, Morpheus and Grokster as well as many others. The software allows an end user to make available software and files on their personal computer to users on the Internet using the same software. Much like our university network, P2P software makes you a part of a very large network of connected users across the Internet.

While the University of Dallas acknowledges the usefulness of this software for legitimate, legal file sharing, the sharing of music, movies and other copyrighted material renders P2P software such as the above, in violation of University policy and copyright law.

Therefore, the University has adopted the policy that P2P software, specifically those mentioned above, will not be permitted to operate on its network. Use of P2P file sharing software may result in loss of network and Internet privileges.

Questions regarding this policy or any other network usage policy may be directed to support@udallas.edu.