Personal Computer Support Policy

Personal Computer Support Policy

All new students at the University of Dallas participate in a mandatory new student computer orientation. During the orientation, instructions for setting up your computer on the network are provided. Beyond that, ITS can assist you in setting your computer up on our network. This includes configuring network settings and basic network troubleshooting.

For liability reasons, University policy prohibits ITS technical personnel from working directly on your personal computer. All hardware and software related issues are the responsibility of the computer owner.

In short, we cannot fix your computer for you.

If you are having hardware problems, such as a bad hard drive or malfunctioning CDROM drive, please contact your computer manufacturer. Listed below are some of the common manufacturer's support sites and phone numbers.

Dell - 1-888-987-3355
Dell Support

HP - 650-857-1501
HP support

Toshiba - 1-800-457-7777
Toshiba Support

If you are having trouble with spyware or viruses we suggest visiting these sites:
FREE antivirus software