Mathematics, BA, BS, Concentration

The goal of the mathematics programs at UD is to strengthen the student’s imaginative and deductive powers through rigorous mathematical thinking. Mathematics courses at UD develop the student’s precise use of language and logic.

University of Dallas Mathematics

Much of mathematics has its roots in science, but the spirit of mathematical inquiry is not bound to any specific area. Mathematics is an important discipline for every educated person.

All students at the university are therefore required to study some mathematics. The goal of the requirement is to strengthen the student's imaginative and deductive powers through the discipline imposed by rigorous mathematical thinking. The precise use of language and logic characteristic of mathematics is developed in the courses which the student may select to meet the Core Curriculum requirement.

There are many areas of mathematics from which the student may choose. Each of these areas deals with profound ideas that play an important part in our culture. The courses in Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometry and Linear Point Set Theory are designed explicitly for this purpose. In certain circumstances Calculus I, II, and Linear Algebra also serve the purpose of the Core requirement, as do the other more advanced courses in the Department.



Mathematics Faculty

David Andrews, Ph.D.

David Andrews Ph.D.

Associate Dean, Constantin College, Math

Phone: (972) 721-5039


Office: Braniff Graduate Building, First Floor


Erick Chastain PH.D

Assistant Professor, Computer Science


Office: Patrick E. Haggerty Science Building #46

Rob Hochberg, Ph.D.

Robert Hochberg (Rob) Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Computer Science

Phone: (972) 721-5307


Office: Patrick E. Haggerty Science Building #50

Sarka Malkova, Ph.D.

Sarka Malkova Ph.D

Adjunct Professor, Math

Phone: (972) 721-5175


Office: Patrick E. Haggerty Science Building #44

Paul Phillips, Ph.D.

D. Phillips (Paul) Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Mathematics

Phone: (972) 721-5224


Office: Haggerty Science Center #49

Ryan Putra, M.S., MBA

Ryan Putra MS, MBA

Adjunct Mathematics Instructor