Graduate Financial Aid Information

Graduate Financial Aid

Graduate Financial Aid Information

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What are the costs?

Cost of Attendance includes both direct costs (charges billed by the University) and indirect costs (possible costs not billed by the University).
The Tuition and Fees link will take you to the Student Account Services hosted page with a list of all possible charges.

Remaining eligible for financial aid.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements must be met in order to retain your financial aid. Click below for details on these requirements.
Students who are placed on Financial Aid Suspension can submit an appeal to try to regain financial aid eligibility.

Citizenship and Immigration Affidavit 

Only for use if you are contacted by the Financial Aid Office. For students who need to provide proof of citizenship documentation but cannot come in person to provide it. The Affidavit must be notarized by a US notary.


Online financial education courses, customizable financial tools, articles and resources (takes you to a new website).

Quick Links to Student Account Services pages

Student Account Services can be contacted at 972-721-5244 or at