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Net Price Calculator

Estimate your eligibility for an Academic Achievement Award

Use the Net Price Calculator to estimate your eligibility for an Academic Achievement Award by entering in your high school GPA and standardized test scores. Please note: the calculator is based on the scholarships awarded for freshmen who matriculated at UD during the 2020-2021 academic year. You can also enter in your family's financial information to receive an estimate regarding need-based financial aid. Please fill out the calculator completely and keep in mind the numbers you are provided are only estimations.

If you plan to enter UD as a freshman during the 2021-22 academic year, please use the scholarship grid below to see what you may qualify for. Please be aware that a GPA within a scholarship qualifying range does not guarantee admission.

Net Price Calculator 

Freshman Academic Achievement Scholarships 2021-22

Weighted GPA¹ Unweighted GPA¹ Scholarship Amount
3.0-3.49 3.0-3.29 $15,000
3.5-3.79 3.3-3.49 $20,000
3.8-4.09 3.5-3.69 $24,000
4.1-4.29 3.7-3.89 $27,000
4.3 or higher 3.9 or higher $30,000

¹University of Dallas reserves the right to recalculate a GPA as deemed necessary. If both an unweighted and weighted GPA are provided, the unweighted GPA will be used in cases of a non-standard weighted GPA. GPAs will not be rounded. 

International Students: For the academic achievement scholarships listed above, UD will calculate an equivalent U.S. GPA.


Sisters Serving UD: Sister Mary Angelica: A Thousandfold Back

It is no surprise that the University of Dallas, chartered by religious women, has had over 50 alumnae who have said “yes” to the call to religious life. In 1952, The Superior of the Western Province of the Sisters of St. Mary of Namur, Mother Theresa Weber, declared, "We need a Catholic co-educational college in this area!" On May 25, 1955, the Sisters officially received the charter for the University of Dallas. UD's first trustees were all religious women: Mother Theresa Weber, Sister Mildred Manning, Sister Mary Frances Connaughton, Sister Mary Byron, Sister Myrtl Owens and Sister Elizabeth Johnston.

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