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Profiles of UD Classical Education Students

Kathryn Ball

November 27, 2020

Kathryn BallAn 11th and 12th grade English teacher at Veritas Academy in Austin, Texas, Kathryn has a deep enthusiasm for classical education. As a young student, she attended a classical Christian school and enjoyed her experience so much that she jumped at the opportunity for to work at a similar school after college. Having received her undergraduate degree in English and French from the University of Texas, Kathryn was drawn to the Classical Education program at the University of Dallas because of its specific design for classical educators. As a classical educator herself, she loves how the things she is learning often apply directly to her job and how she is able to continue teaching while pursuing her studies. Read more.

Jerilyn Olson

November 12, 2020

Jerilyn Olson is on track to finish her Master’s degree from the University of Dallas this coming summer. Currently,Jerilyn Olson she serves as the Vice President of Professional Development for Great Hearts, a network of classical charter schools in Arizona and Texas. She hopes to remain in her current position with Great Hearts for the foreseeable future and use her experience from UD both to improve her work within her own role and to encourage other students to apply to UD. She discovered UD’s unique Classical Education program because of the strong relationship between Great Hearts and University of Dallas, and she helped other teachers get connected to the program before she herself decided to take advantage of this opportunity. She describes how “it was nice to know that I could trust this institution for a strong curriculum centered on the Great Books, and I can trust those who were in the program to provide a good balance of like-mindedness and unique perspectives that would challenge my thinking.” Read more.

Parker Novey

October 29, 2020

Parker NoveyParker Novey only joined the Classical Education Program this summer, but he has already begun to see the effects it is having on him as a teacher. Currently, Parker teaches fourth grade at the Great Hearts Lower School in Irving, TX. It was when he made the switch to Great Hearts Irving from his previous school that his desire to continue his education in the classics was rekindled. His previous school, in New York City, although "classical" in name—Parker soon discovered—was not classical in nature. This discovery prompted him to turn to a place where true classical education was being practiced both in administrative decisions and by his fellow teachers. Read more.