Course Descriptions

The course offerings for the graduate politics program seek to give students a comprehensive view of the major political movements and philosophies of the Western world, from Herodotus to today.

Courses Include:

  • 6311. Thucydides
  • 6312. Plutarch/Augustine/Machiavelli
  • 6321. Lincoln
  • 6323. Constitutional Law
  • 6324. Public Policy
  • 6325. American Foreign Policy
  • 6326. The Presidency
  • 6327. Civil Rights
  • 6328. Congress
  • 6334. Social Contract Theory
  • 6335. Kant/Hegel/Marx/Nietzsche
  • 6356. American Political Thought
  • 6357. U.S. Constitution
  • 6372. Plato’s Republic
  • 6376. Aristotle’s Ethics
  • 6377-6379. Special Studies
  • 6381. Machiavelli
  • 6384. Hobbes
  • 6387. Locke
  • 6388. Rousseau
  • 6V99. Graduate Reading
  • 7351. Directed Readings and Research
  • 7370. Herodotus
  • 7371. Xenophon
  • 7374. Dialogues of Plato (to be selected by the instructor)
  • 7376. Aristotle’s Politics
  • 7380. Medieval Political Philosophy
  • 7388. American Regime
  • 7394. Nietzsche
  • 7678. Thesis Research
  • 8385. Spinoza
  • 8396. Shakespeare Seminar


UD Welcomes New Generation of Crusader Alumni

Outdoor chairs filled up quickly as droves of graduates, professors, families and friends arrived on the Braniff Mall the morning of Sunday, May 12, to participate in the 59th annual Spring Commencement Ceremony in honor of UD’s new generation of Crusader alumni.

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Board of Trustees Names John G. Plotts as Interim President

The University of Dallas Board of Trustees has announced the appointment of Executive Vice President John G. Plotts, Ed.D., as interim president of the university. Plotts joined the university in December of 2008, initially serving in the roles of associate provost and dean of undergraduate admissions.

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Professor of English Eileen Gregory, PhD, Named 2018 Piper Professor

"That's what our teaching, and all our talk about the reflective life, boils down to -- efforts to keep brilliance in our hearts, to remember the lightness that is native to our spirit," said 2018 Piper Professor Eileen Gregory, Ph.D, professor of English. The Piper Award honors 10 professors annually in Texas colleges and universities for outstanding achievements in their profession and is widely regarded as the most prestigious award of its kind in the state.

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