Interterm Housing

Interterm Housing

Interterm 2024 Housing - $300  ($450 for late applicants)

The standard on-campus residency requirement does not apply for the 3 week Interterm period.

Hall residents requesting campus housing during Interterm will be charged a flat $300 room rate for this period as long as an application is submitted by December 15th.  After December 15th, the rate jumps to $450 for late applicants.   This fee is NOT included in your Interterm class tuition charge.

Only one residence hall, Clark Hall, will be used for the Interterm period.  ALL other residence halls will be closed during this period. Interterm residents that normally live in another hall will NOT be able to access any room other than their assigned Interterm room and are therefore REQUIRED to take everything they need with them for the Interterm period when moving out of their fall room.  Hall residents (and returning Romers) that register for an Interterm class and wish to live on campus during this period must apply for Interterm housing (application available about November 1st) from within the eRezLife housing program - even if the resident currently resides in Clark Hall.  Availability will be limited, so apply early.  Additional Interterm housing application questions may be sent via email to 

The Interterm Hall will open for Interterm residents at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, December 26, 2023.  Interterm classes begin the next morning.  While there is no campus food service during Interterm, there will be a side room off the main lounge in Clark Hall available with a microwave and refrigerator for resident use.

Detailed instructions regarding Interterm hall and room access issues as well as relocation times for relocating residents will be sent via email to students who have applied for Interterm housing within eRez.  Current student apartment residents remaining for the spring term may simply remain in their assigned apartments for Interterm.

Interterm residents assigned to temporary rooms in Clark Hall will later relocate back to their assigned spring rooms on Saturday, January 13, 2024.  All halls will reopen for the spring semester to remaining campus residents on Sunday, January 14, 2024 at 8:00 a.m.  Food service for the spring term resumes with dinner that same evening.

While the university is working towards 'normal' arrangements for campus housing availability during Interterm, arrangements are subject to change should it later be deemed by the university as necessary.