Request a Room Change

Request a Room Change

Room Change Request

Current campus residents who wish to request a room change must follow the below procedure.

You and your roommate(s) must first talk to your RA (Resident Assistant).   Apartment residents must first make an appointment with the Clark Hall Residence Coordinator to discuss the request.   There is no exception to this policy.

  1. Refer to the official undergraduate 'Student Handbook' for information regarding roommate conflicts.
  2. Residents cannot request a room change until three weeks after the first class day of the semester and only after meeting with RA to discuss grievances.  The RA will submit a Room Change Request Form on behalf of the resident should remeidation efforts fail and the request is approved by the Residence Coordinator.  This is only possible after completion of required meetings and conclusion that resolution between roommates is not possible.  Residents in incomplete rooms will also be contacted about room consolidation during this same time frame.

Be advised that room change requests are not casually permitted and often only in case of emergency.