Move-Out Process

Move-Out Process

Move-OUT Process {per resident – NOT per room}: 

RESIDENCE HALLS:  End of Academic Year

Residents must follow all announced check-out procedures when they depart campus at the end of a semester or academic year or change rooms any time during a semester. Residents who fail to check-out properly will be fined and held accountable for the condition of their room. A proper check-out in the traditional halls and Clark Hall will include an in-person walk of the resident’s room with each resident as well as a final review of the Room Condition Report on file for the resident. The room should be left in broom-clean condition and all fixtures (i.e. the sink) should also be clean. NO personal property may be left in the room or in the hall. Failure to clean the room properly or to remove all personal items will result in fines.  Please note that ALL TRASH must be taken to the dumpster to avoid fines and not simply left in a room, common area, hallway or stairwell.  Any damage not originally noted on the Room Condition Report (RCR) form will be charged to the residents (or to an individual if it is possible to ascertain who is individually responsible). Any issued room keys for traditional hall rooms should be left with the RA (Resident Assistant) to avoid additional fines.  Failure to complete the RCR check out process upon moving out will result in a $75 Improper Check Out Fine.

Click HERE for a list of possible fines.

Fall to Spring:  At the close of the fall semester, hall residents who will be returning to the same room in the spring may leave behind personal items but are also required to complete and submit a “Fall Semester Closing Checklist” form.  Emails will be sent to residents and RAs will provide information before the end of the semester on this process. Failure to follow instructions will result in a fine. After completion, Residence Life staff will conduct a brief inspection to make sure that the windows are secure and check for fire hazards. The doors will then be dead-bolted until halls are re-opened in the spring.

 CAMPUS APARTMENT move out information is available HERE.