Checkout Charges

Checkout Charges

Residential Checkout Charges

During the annual move out at the end of the spring semester, a Check-Out process is communicated to and must be completed by each individual student.  Check-outs are required by ‘student’ and not by ‘room’ or apartment.

Upon move in at the start of the year, residents are required to check 'in' to their room or apartment. This allows each resident to insert notes regarding any room/furniture damages, etc.  Upon move-out later in the year and visual verification by staff, notes regarding any damages or missing furniture are compared to those made during the check-in process.  Any discrepancies between the two, other than normal ‘wear-and-tear’ are then billed to student accounts.  Damages or missing furniture noted at check-in protect the resident against unwarranted charges. 

This information is clearly communicated to students using various methods during the year.

Check-out procedures are outlined each year in the annual student handbook posted on the UD web site early each summer.  As stated in the checkout section "...all fines are final three weeks after the residence hall closing date of the semester in which the fines were assessed.  Check-out fines are only appealable in the month they were assigned."

The check-out deadline is published on the annual Student Affairs Critical Dates Calendar on the UD web site.  The deadline is also extensively publicized close to the end of each year directly to residents via campus flyers, banners, electronic signs , mandatory year end hall meetings and various official university emails.  Reminder: Email is our primary means of communication with students so the responsibility to check email messages for official communications lies with the student.

A dedicated bulletin board announcement is posted in each residence hall towards the end of April.  Mandatory hall meetings are also held in each hall the week before finals to go over proper moveout procedures.  Flyers are also posted in all residential areas on campus in late April and early May.

Traditional Hall residents all receive a ‘Key Return Envelope’ prior to closing.  Checkout information is clearly printed on the outside of the envelope. 

Upon the annual move in for the fall semester, the key/access packets of all residents (including those with swipe access on their ID cards) contains a flyer specifically explaining the check ‘in’ and ‘out’ process.

 Additional questions regarding checkout charges may be directed via email to