Overnight Guests

Overnight Guests

The right to sleep and study in one’s own room or apartment takes precedence over the right of a roommate(s) to entertain a guest in the room or apartment. Occasional overnight guests of the same sex may stay in the student host’s room up to three (3) nights a semester, provided the host’s roommate(s) agrees. Guests may not stay in unoccupied beds without the consent of the student whose bed is to be used. Guests may stay with friends of the student host provided all parties agree. Guests are not permitted to sleep in residence hall lounges.

In an effort to know who is staying in university owned housing overnight, the Office of Student Affairs requests that hosts contact the resident assistant for more information.

While guests are on campus, the student host is fully responsible for the guest’s actions. Guests are expected to abide by all University rules and regulations. Failure to do so may result in the guest being asked to leave campus immediately.

Squatting is strictly forbidden. Any person living in University housing without permission from the Director of Residence Life and without a valid contract is trespassing. Hosts may be subject to a minimum charge of $50 per day during the entire period of improper occupancy, and may be subject to criminal charges of trespassing or loitering.

Any guest may be asked to leave campus by the Office of Student Affairs or the University of Dallas Police Department at any time.