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Parent Ambassadors - Office of Development and University Relations - University of Dallas

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Mihaliak FamilyThe Mihaliak Family: Matthew Wallice, Charles (Dad), Dee-Dee (Mom), Charlie, BA '22, Dolores, BA '20, Kathryn, BA '16, John, BA '25?, Lorraine

We are Parent Ambassadors because we see UD striving to be authentically Catholic in the modern world. The opportunities that UD provides — including top-rate professors, an intelligent and engaging student body, the Rome program, and career support — are fantastic. We see the fruits of a UD education in our children and their friends.
— Dee-Dee and Charlie Mihaliak

Are you grateful your child(ren) chose to attend UD? If so, you’re invited to join an enthusiastic group of fellow UD parents: Parent Ambassadors are parents of current students and alumni who support the mission of the University of Dallas by giving financially, promoting enthusiastically and engaging in the life of the university as our availability and interests allow.

Parent Ambassadors champion UD wherever we live and work, from California to D.C., Minnesota to Singapore. We may have one student currently enrolled or half a dozen who have already graduated. We may be alumni of UD ourselves, or our children may be the first in the family to attend UD.

What we have in common is a deep appreciation for the University of Dallas.

Become a Parent Ambassador Today!

As a UD Parent Ambassador, you will join a community of grateful parents of current students and alumni who wish to promote, support and engage with the University of Dallas.

As a Parent Ambassador, you will receive:

  • A welcome packet with resources and information.
  • Opportunities to engage with UD faculty, staff and leaders.
  • Community and connection with other other UD parents and families.
  • Parent Ambassador fleece vests in UD blue.

To join, we ask for a minimum contribution of $19.56 a month (in honor of the school’s founding year) to support the Cor Fund.
Opportunities (not requirements) to volunteer include:

  • Serving on parent panels during visit weekends.
  • Distributing admissions materials to prospective students.
  • Organizing college information sessions or volunteering at college fairs.
  • Hosting admissions gatherings.
  • Bringing home-cooked food to the annual New Year’s Day feast for inter-term students in Clark Hall.
  • Offering hospitality to new parents at Orientation and Alumni and Family Weekend.
  • And more!

Parent Ambassadors also tap into the cultural life of UD, including lectures, art shows, drama productions, athletics, book clubs and more.

Chris Kuplack
Chris Kuplack, volunteering for UD at Steele High School college fair

Chatting with the other recruiters, I began to realize that many of them know each other, from being on the circuit. One gal, from UT Arlington and another from U West Virginia (my two neighbors) asked if I got paid pretty well, since it's a ‘fancy private school’. I told them I was doing it for free. You should have seen their faces. It was great! They asked why I would do that. Was I an alumnus?  ‘No, but two of my children went through the program at UD and it made me a believer, so I help a little when I can.’ They were so surprised. At the end of the night, one of them said, ‘After hearing you tell people about the University of Dallas all night, I wish I had gone to school there!’ It made my day.

— Chris Kuplack

Cyndy and Jeffrey Bishop

As grateful alumni of the Braniff Graduate School, we’re thrilled that our daughters Madeleine and Isabel both have chosen to attend UD for their undergraduate degrees. We know the kind of liberal arts education that UD provides, and we know that it prepares students for success in a myriad of fields like medicine, business, science and technology. UD has changed the life of our family. We hope you will join us as Parent Ambassadors to support one another and our children in the intellectual and spiritual endeavor that is UD.

— Cyndy Bishop, MH ’97, and Jeffrey Bishop, M.D., PhD ’09. P 20 21

Ed and Mary Oleksiak, P13

UD provided our daughter Rachel with an outstanding academic education paired with a strong faith formation. Her semester in Rome and a Spanish language immersion summer session in Costa Rica provided a different view of the world and gave her confidence in her Spanish language skills for her career. It was a last-minute change of mind that led her to UD, and we are all glad it did.

— Ed and Mary Oleksiak, P ’13


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