Veterans Lounge

Veterans Lounge

The University of Dallas is proud to have veterans from all branches of the armed forces both in our student body and employed as faculty and staff. We are dedicated to honoring the sacrifices they have made for the preservation of our freedoms and the security of our nation.

We are launching a campaign to create a Veterans Lounge on the third floor of SB Hall. This will be a place where veterans can come together with those who may have shared similar experiences to relax, discuss common issues, speak openly about challenges, or host small meetings and events. Our campaign will cover the development of the space itself, which encompases enclosing an alcove and providing comfortable furniture and other accessories that will offer a friendly atmosphere for conversation and study.

Please consider supporting this initiative with your gift today.

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If you would like to learn more about why research shows that fostering this type of community is helpful for veterans, here are a few websites with more information: