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Orientation Process

Orientation Meetings 

Orientation meetings are held every semester for each Rome class. Meetings for fall Romers are held in the spring and for spring Romers in the fall. These meetings are meant to prepare the students before they depart. At the end of the semester a farewell reception is held to celebrate the departure of the Rome class. 

Meeting Topic Date Time Location
Orientation Schedule, Flights and SA Position Sep 11 6:30 pm Gorman A
Rome Registration Nov 2 6 pm Gorman A
Mental Health/Student Affairs/Student Panel Dec 5 5pm Gorman A
Culture, Health, Safety, Travel Dec 13 All day App Profile

Important Dates

Throughout the semester students will be submitting a number of items to the Rome Office in order to obtain flight itineraries, visas and register for classes. It is extremely important to meet all deadlines. Missing deadlines can jeopardize a students' Rome status. Students planning on attending Rome next semester will need to submit the following items per the schedule below. 

Date Items Due
Sep 19 Health Form, Release Form, FERPA Disclosure, Financial Aid Consent Form, Flight Form, Student Assistant Application and RA Recommendation
Sep 26 Visa Application, Actual Passport, Passport Photo, Address Form, Travel Plans Request Form
Nov 14 Registration Forms, Roommate Form
Jan 3 Learning Content, Finance, Library and Rome clearance including copies of prescription receipts and doctor clearance forms if applicable

Review the checklist. Be sure to meet the deadlines!

Submit your flight form.

The University of Dallas Rome Program has arranged a group flight for all Romers. Students will rendezvous in a hub city on flights from their hometown airports, which will be arranged by the Rome Office from the information provided on flight forms and will be calculated into the cost of a ticket. Due to the world situation it is required that all Romers take the group flight and travel on regular group flight dates unless they have a good reason not to. Students that wish to opt out of the group flight are not allowed to purchase airline tickets until they submit their waiver request and it has been approved by the office. 

Please review these flight facts for complete details on flight procedures for Rome.

Apply for a student visa. 

All students studying in Italy for an extended period of time must apply for a student visa. The visa application must be submitted to the Rome Office along with student's actual passports and passport photos. Students must also submit an address form to inform our office when they will need their passport and if they will be traveling internationally over the break. 

Register for Rome. 

Students registering for the Rome semester must follow the registration guidelines discussed at the Registration meeting. Registration forms include:

  • Course Planning and Future Plans Form (will be emailed thru Google Drive)
  • Rome Roommate request form (different than the Irving housing registration)

Submit your health paperwork. 

Supplemental health paperwork needed for Rome Clearance is due January 3. Students will be informed if supplemental paperwork is required.

Take care of your Rome Clearance. 

Rome applicants should clear with all offices on campus before departing for Italy. Note: The Rome Office is not responsible for clearing students with other offices. It is the responsibility of the student to contact each office to verify they are clear.

  • The Rome Office - All forms must be completed on the student’s app portal which will include: preparation learning content, submission of copies of prescription receipts for a four-month supply of medication, updated immunizations as needed, and health provider clearance forms for those requiring additional health clearance. 
  • Student Account Services - Rome bill must be paid in full or a payment plan must be set up. All aid and additional loans must be approved and applied to a student's account. Students must also register for the BankMobile Disbursements program. Questions about these items should be directed to
  • The Library - All library books must be returned and fines must be taken care of with the library. Questions can be directed to