Academics Programs

Develop the essential skills needed to launch your career.

All Masters programs in the Satish and Yasmin Gupta College of Business can be completed within 18 – 24 months*.

The DBA program can be completed in approximately 36 months. 

Degree Granting Programs

Degree Programs Credit Hours Required † STEM Designation Format
100% Online 100% Onground Blended ‡
MBA 30   check  
MBA Accounting 39      
MBA Business Analytics 39    
MBA Cybersecurity 42    
MBA Finance 42    
MBA Marketing 39    
MBA Strategic Leadership 39    
MS Accounting 33    
MS Business Analytics 30    
MS Cybersecurity 30    
MS Finance 33    
DBA 62      

* Accelerated degree plans may be available. Speak with your advisor for options available to you.
 Specific MBA and MS programs might have program specific requirements which could mean an additional 3 to 6 hours for those without business education background. Please contact your advisor for more details
 A significant portion of the courses in this program can be completed online.  Please contact your advisor for more details.

Non-Degree Seeking Programs

Not seeking a full degree? The University of Dallas offers non-degree seeking credentials, certificates and certifications offer a trio of educational advancements tailored for the evolving workforce and individual career development. These credentials provide flexible, focused, and often more accessible pathways to gaining specialized knowledge and skills than traditional degree programs, catering to a wide range of learners, including working professionals, recent graduates, and those looking to pivot in their careers.

What's the benefit?

Certifications offer unique benefits that cater to different goals, whether it's quickly acquiring new skills, deepening expertise in a specific area, or validating professional competencies. These credentials can significantly enhance employability, facilitate career advancement, and support lifelong learning in a rapidly changing world.

Microcredentials stand out for their specificity and speed. They allow individuals to acquire targeted skills in a relatively short amount of time. This is particularly advantageous in fast-changing industries, such as technology and digital marketing, where staying abreast of the latest tools, platforms, and methodologies is crucial. Microcredentials also offer the benefit of demonstrating continued learning and professional development, making candidates more attractive in competitive job markets. They often come in the form of digital badges or certificates that can be easily shared on professional networks and resumes.

Graduate certificates provide a more in-depth exploration of a subject area than microcredentials, without the commitment required for a full master's degree. They are structured to give professionals the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to advance or pivot in their careers. For many, a graduate certificate is a strategic step towards a higher degree, as credits earned can sometimes be applied to a master's program. This option is particularly appealing for individuals looking to enhance their qualifications or specialize in a new area without the time and financial investment of a full degree program. NEW - Fall 2024

Certifications, often industry-specific, serve as a benchmark of competence and commitment to a profession. Achieving certification typically requires passing an exam and, in some cases, meeting work experience requirements. These credentials are especially valuable in fields where they are recognized as a standard of professional achievement, such as project management, IT, healthcare, and education. Holding a certification can lead to enhanced job opportunities, higher salaries, and greater job security, as it signals a proven level of expertise and dedication to one's career.





AACSB Accreditation

All programs are AACSB accredited

Career Services

Active support for all students and alumni

Class Size

Typically limited to under 25 to facilitate active interaction and networking

Faculty Experience

Over 95% of faculty with significant industry experience

Tuition & Fees

  • $1300 per credit hour
  • (One-time) Matriculation Fee: $160
  • Graduation Fee: $100


Quality Business Education

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Sharon Hernandez, '18

“There's an ethical component discussed in every class, which is important because your decisions as a leader not only affect your organization, but can also extend to the community as a whole.”

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