Biochemistry, BS


A biochemistry degree from the University of Dallas prepares students for a range of careers in both industry and research in areas such as health, food and agriculture, and environmental conservation.

Biochemistry Requirements

The Bachelor of Science in biochemistry comprises 38 credit hours in chemistry, 15 in biology, 8 in math and 8 in physics:

  • General Chemistry 1303/1103, 1304/1104
  • Analytical Chemistry 2414/2014
  • Organic Chemistry 3321/3121, 3322/3122
  • Chemistry Seminar 3151
  • Physical Chemistry 3331/3131
  • Biochemistry 3335/3135, 3336/3136
  • Chemistry Seminar 4153, and four credits of student research.

Also: General Biology 1311/1111, 1312/1112; General Physics 2311/2111, 2312/2112; Calculus 1404, 1411; and two selections from Genetics 3325/3125, Microbiology 3327/3127, Bioinformatics 3350, Molecular Biology 3328/3128 and Cell Structure and Function 4338.

A grade of "C" or above in a prerequisite course is required for enrollment in an advanced course in chemistry. The chemistry and biochemistry majors are encouraged to take additional courses (e.g. Advanced Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, the second semester of Physical Chemistry for biochemistry majors) beyond the required courses specified above.

Comprehensive Examination

All chemistry and biochemistry majors must pass a general written comprehensive examination. The examination consists of questions in general chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry and biochemistry. All questions on the exam are based upon prior coursework. A study guide and sample questions are available from the department. Students can earn a pass with distinction, pass, low pass or failure. Students normally take the comprehensive exam at the beginning of the spring semester in their senior year.



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Megan Beshirs

Megan Beshirs M.S

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Scott Boegeman Ph.D

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