Chemistry Scholarships

Chemistry Scholarships



Chemistry Department Scholarship

Competitive Chemistry Department awards of up to $5,000 per year are available for chemistry or biochemistry majors. These awards can be added to any other academic scholarships and are renewable for up to eight semesters. 

Applications must be received by December 1 of the year prior to your attendance at UD (senior year of high school for freshman applicants). Students must also complete an on-campus interview before December 14.

For more information about the Chemistry Department Scholarship, click HERE.


O'Hara Scholarship

Applications Due April 1

The O'Hara Scholarship covers tuition, room and board for incoming freshman participants in the O'Hara Chemical Sciences Institute program during the eight-week summer semester.

For more information about the O'Hara Scholarship, click HERE.


C.W. Eaker Scholarship for Chemistry/Biochemistry

The C.W. Eaker Scholarship for Chemistry/Biochemistry honors a longtime and much beloved chemistry professor, Dr. C.W. Eaker, who served the University of Dallas with distinction for over 40 years, first as a faculty member, then dean of Constantin College and then provost of the university. The Alex and Martha Galbraith family wishes to express their thanks to Dr. Eaker for his untiring guidance and support as dean during their daughter Alison's undergraduate experience at UD, and to thank him for his assistance in the establishment of the Galbraith Lecture Series, which furthers the Catholic intellectual tradition carried out to a superior degree at the university. 

For more information about this scholarship, including the application deadline, click HERE.