2018 Haggerty Teaching Excellence Awards

2018 Haggerty Teaching Excellence Awards

Presentation of Haggery Teaching Awards 2018

The 2018 Haggerty Teaching Excellence Awards — supported and made possible by the Patrick and Beatrice Haggerty Foundation and determined by student and alumni votes — recognized the following faculty for their dedication to and excellence in teaching:

Name Description
Sri Beldona This Haggerty recipient’s teaching is truly an example of the experiential business education that is a hallmark of the Gupta College of Business and lives out the mission of the college in preparing our students to become competent and responsible managers who are also principled and moral leaders. Students and alumni regularly report that the knowledge gained in this professor’s class enriches their professions. One current student employed at the Federal Reserve Bank described his experience in the following way: “we learn it in today in class, and I use it the next day at work - every week”. This professor has taught MS, MBA and DBA classes and has encouraged our DBA students to publish their scholarship even before graduation. As a world traveler, he has taught on six of the seven continents and brings these experiences to his business analytics and global business classes. 
Fr. Thomas Esposito, O. Cist. This professor is a recent addition to our ranks, but in a short time has inspired a devoted following among our students. As lively in the classroom as outside of it, this professor is known for an ability to carry a tune. Educated internationally, he is also a person of great stability. One can find him sporting on the mall with our students, or taking up the mantle of his confreres Father Chris Rabay and Father Robert Maguire in attempting to escape from the Charity Week jail. His expertise in New Testament is broadened by his own creative writing and his deep faith. 
Chad Engelland This professor is also a recent addition to our ranks. A gentle soul, this professor is known for a deep and piercing intellect. An accomplished and well published scholar in the field, this professor exemplifies the ideals of the Philosophy Department, knowledgeable in the tradition and conversant with contemporary thought, highly dedicated to the pursuit of philosophy as a way to a life that is fully alive. Admired and extolled by his students, he sets a high standard in the classroom that encourages them to imitate his virtuous and faithful academic life. 

Susan Hanssen

One of the most popular teachers among us, this professor is known for painstaking care for our students both academically and personally. Always ready to lend an ear to students, to encourage them in their studies or to guide them towards the pursuit of wisdom, truth and virtue, this professor often has a waiting line during office hours. Her timelines are both daunting and inspiring. A champion of our core and a dedicated servant and supporter of the university’s faculty, this professor like Father Esposito is known for her fiery escapades during Charity week. She is better known both at the university and nationally for her knowledge and insight into the Catholic liberal arts tradition. 
Scott Crider This professor brings joy to students and colleagues with a bright chuckle, an ever-ready smile, and a gentle concern for all. A master teacher, a mentor to teachers, and an internationally renowned expert on education, this professor is a life-long learner, pursuing another degree in order to deepen his knowledge of one of his areas of expertise, the English Bible. Admired for his insight into Shakespeare and his use of figures and rhetoric, he is equally at home in the broader discussion of the pursuit of liberal arts. His book on rhetoric and composition is used at university campuses around the country. His courses on the Seven Arts delight and instruct both graduate students and our incoming freshmen. Crider has proven a devoted servant of the word and the glories of narrative and poetry.