Guest Use Policy

Guest Use Policy

Cowan-Blakley Memorial Library Guest Use Policy

The University of Dallas is a private, Catholic, co-educational, liberal arts university.  As a courtesy and public service, the Cowan-Blakley Memorial Library welcomes guests into the library Monday - Friday from 8 am - 5 pm. Entry into the library is not permitted to guests evenings and weekends. Guests are expected to abide by the following rules.

  • We do not require an ID to enter the library Monday - Friday from 8 am - 5 pm. However, identification must be provided if requested by library faculty, staff, or the University of Dallas Police.
  • There are public access computers on the main floor of the library. These computers are shared with UD-affiliated students and faculty. During times of heavy use, students will receive top priority, which may delay use by public patrons.  
  • Printing is $0.10 per page. The only forms of payment are cash and check. To print, you will need to email your document to and request them to print it for you.
  • A book scanner is available for use for library materials and other documents. Saving and emailing scanned materials is available free of charge. Materials printed are $0.10 per page. Public patrons may use this scanner for no more than 30 minutes per day.
  • The primary mission of the Cowan-Blakley Memorial Library is to support the students, faculty, and staff of the University of Dallas. Librarians are happy to help public patrons with basic research questions. Extensive reference assistance will not be available to public patrons.
  • First and foremost, the library is a place for collaboration and study for University students, faculty, and staff.  Loud conversations or phone calls should be taken into the foyer.
  • It is expected that all library faculty and staff, student workers, and other library patrons be treated courteously and respectfully.  

The Cowan-Blakley Memorial Library reserves the right to refuse service to any public patron who does not abide by this policy. This can include a temporary or permanent ban from the library and/or the University of Dallas campus.

Guest Borrowing Policy

UD Alumni and visitors to the Cowan - Blakley Memorial Library who are not currently enrolled at, or employed by, the University of Dallas are eligible to borrow materials with the purchase of a guest card for $40 annually or the possession of a valid TexShare Card from participating public and university libraries. Each guest card is valid for one year from date of issue (or, for TexShare card holders, the expiration date of their TexShare card), and entitles the holder to borrow up to five items for a three week period.  Renewals may be granted twice. Please note the following:

  • Borrowers under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian apply for a guest card. The borrower's parent will be responsible for all materials checked out on this card.
  • No borrower will be allowed to check out materials without presenting their TexShare/Guest Card and a photo ID. Providing information such as birthdate, address, or phone number is not sufficient.
  • All late fees, lost book charges, or other fines will remain the responsibility of the borrower.
  • Lost Guest or TexShare Cards must be immediately and directly reported to the Circulation Department of the Cowan-Blakley Memorial Library, to avoid fraudulent checkouts.
  • Allowing anyone except the borrower to use a Guest or TexShare Card is prohibited.
  • Guest borrowers (or their parent/guardian) are responsible for checking their library accounts regularly, and are responsible for materials and fines regardless of notice. Any item overdue for more than 30 days will have its status changed to “Lost." This will result in a hold on the borrower’s account until the item is returned or replacement costs are paid in full (for TexShare patrons, the issuing institution will receive this bill).
  • Notify the library of address, phone, and email changes. Return library correspondence and phone calls in a timely manner.
  • Guest library cards do not include off campus access to library databases per our licensing agreements.

Questions about these policies should be directed to Ron Scrogham, Dean and Director of Libraries and Research.