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Online Reserves

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Copyright Procedures for E-Reserves

All course e-reserves must be in compliance with copyright permissions. Permissions are verified each semester, meaning that any request for reinstatement of an existing course e-reserve will initiate a review to ensure copyright compliance. For a description of best practices for e-reserves, see the Copyright Clearance Center’s [CCC] “ Using E-reserves .” To ensure that your request will be fulfilled, please note the following.

Copyright Permissions

Permission for republication of materials on e-reserves is determined through the CCC’s  RightFind Advisor. Here is a sheet explaining how to verify permissions. (When you see ‘red’ on a title in RightFind Advisor it means that the publisher is not making the title available under the annual academic copyright license. Permission would need to be obtained through the CCC Marketplace or the publisher). There is also a video that goes into greater detail. You may also contact the Copyright Clearance Center to assist with the verification of permissions at:

Permission for republication must be verified prior to submission. The library will assist you with finding links to sources. You may email Circulation at for such assistance.

General guidelines

  • For books and journals under copyright protection, cover-to-cover republication is not permitted.
  • Republication of articles or books obtained through interlibrary loan is not permitted.
  • Wherever possible, permanent links to articles or e-books will be added to e-reserves rather than documents.


  • When available, a link to the article rather than the article itself will be added to e-reserves.
  • If the entire article is to be republished, and where there is no electronic link, then permission for that journal must be determined through RightFind.

Books/Book chapters

  • When available, a link to the e-book rather than a scan of the print book will be added to e-reserves.
  • If unavailable, you may request Acquisitions to consider an e-book for purchase. 
  • If unavailable electronically, but available in print, books may be placed on print reserves.
  • If the book is not in our collection, you can provide a personal copy of the material to be placed on print reserves–not for scanning.
  • A single chapter from a book with verified permission may be added to e-reserves. For more than one chapter from a single book, permissions need to be verified the Copyright Clearance Center: 


For additional information about copyright, please consult the library's copyright  LibGuide.