Print Policies

Print Policies

Printing in the Library

The University of Dallas recognizes that students need to print materials for classes and personal use.

Users may print items at a cost of 10¢ per page from the Public Access computers and the computers inside the Blakley Research & Information Center (BRIC). Undergraduate students will have their prints deducted from their Papercut account. You can reload your account at Graduate students, adjuncts, faculty, staff, and all guest patrons can email and request documents be printed for them. They would then pay 10¢ per page in cash at the Circulation Desk when they retrieve their prints.

All items printed from the scanner are also 10¢ per page and will be paid in cash at the Circulation Desk when the prints are retrieved.

Users are responsible for what they print.

Payment will be required for such things as:

    • Accidentally sending more than one copy to a printer
    • Accidentally printing the wrong file
    • Formatting problems not caused by a bug/malfunction in the system or printer
    • Print jobs delayed several minutes due to heavy user load

Users will not be responsible for the pages because of:

    • Printer malfunction (streaks, low toner, paper jams)
    • Formatting problems caused by a bug/malfunction in the system or printer

Documents printed that are not paid for will not be distributed to the user. They will be held until payment is received.

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Circulation Desk at 972-721-5329 or