Campus Wifi

Campus Wifi

UDWIFI Networks

We have new and improved wireless services. Our new services can be found listed as UDWIFI and UDWIFI-Guest in your device’s available wireless networks. The old wireless networks (UDAIR-Hotspot and UDAIR-Guest) are no longer available.

The UDWIFI network is intended for faculty, staff and student users. This network requires a University issued user account to authenticate to the 802.1x network. It provides the highest level of access and capabilities for our users.
UDWIFI Instructions for MacOS Devices
UDWIFI Instructions for Windows Devices
UDWIFI Instructions for Android/IOS Devices
UDWIFI Instructions for ChromeOS/Linux Devices

The UDWIFI-Guest network is for users who are not affiliated with the University. This network provides basic internet access. Guest sessions are available for twenty-four hours.
UDWIFI-Guest Instructions

UDWIFI Student Device Registration
Students have the ability to register IOT devices (TV’s, personal assistants, game systems, other headless devices, etc.) on the UDWIFI-Guest network. This capability requires a University issued username and password.
UDWIFI Student Device Registration Instructions