Ebube Ohizu

Ebube Ohizu


Ebube Ohizu

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria
Program: Masters in Cybersecurity
Graduation Date: December 2021
Cause I am passionate about: Helping anyone that comes my way as much as I can

Why did you decide to pursue a graduate degree in cybersecurity at UD?

While I was searching for universities for my master’s degree, I was advised by a professional to look into cybersecurity. Out of the numerous institutions that I applied to, when it came down to the last three universities the University of Dallas stood out in terms of what it was offering.

What is your plan for after graduation?

At that time, I wanted to practice what I learned at UD professionally but right now I am looking to make lifelong connections and learn, ultimately looking to start something of my own along the line.

Tell us about your experience in your internship.

My first internship was with the University of Dallas as a Cybersecurity Intern in their IT department. I was, fortunately, the first member of this internship program, for which I am grateful. I was able to understand firsthand some of the theories I learned during the program. It was a Eureka moment for me. I am sincerely grateful to the Department of Cybersecurity in the College of Business and the IT department of UD for this initiative. My next internship was at Trend Micro, which was ten weeks of a good mix of soft skills, team building, hard skills, and fun. I have never learned so much in 10 weeks. I had the opportunity of learning about the corporate world of cybersecurity, learning about how to work with people, and learning about myself too. It was an amazing experience.

What advice do you have for incoming students?

My advice to incoming students would be to trust the process, take time to learn from others no matter your background, network, exercise being resilient, network with your peers, study, and have fun.

What was your favorite part of the graduate program at UD?

I have a lot of fond memories, of hanging out with my peers after classes working on labs, or just going out with them for dinner, roundtable talks, and the graduations.

How did your experience at UD help to prepare you for your professional goals?

I would say that my experience at UD set me up for success. I learned how to research, network, and think.