Samir Jarjoui

Samir Jarjoui


Samir Jarjoui

Hometown: Jerusalem
Program: Doctorate in Business Administration
Graduation Date: August 2022
Cause I am passionate about: I am passionate about access to education. I believe that education is a matter of culture formation which can help us explore possibilities and discover new frontiers.

Why did you decide to pursue a graduate degree in cybersecurity at UD?

UD’s commitment to excellence in education and robust curriculum were driving factors. In addition, I was attracted to the prospect of conducting applied research in a highly-accredited business school.

What is your plan for after graduation?

I plan to go back to industry after having spent a few years in academia.

Tell us about your experience in your internship.

My DBA dissertation was on optimizing enterprise cybersecurity risk management; it was both a challenging and a rewarding experience. I had a chance to collaborate with highly-qualified faculty, professionals, and explore novel approaches to cybersecurity risk management.

What advice do you have for incoming students?

Consider enterprise-wide aspects that may play a role in cybersecurity. While technical capabilities are important, they do not paint the entire picture.

What was your favorite part of the graduate program at UD?

Conducting applied research that has important implications for practice and academia.

How did your experience at UD help to prepare you for your professional goals?

My UD experience encompassed important and diverse areas, such as leadership and strategy, and helped me improve my skills as a researcher and professional.