Improving Health Among Food Insecure Populations - Economics Department - University of Dallas

Improving Health Among Food Insecure Populations - Economics Department - University of Dallas


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Evidence for Action* funding is being used to investigate an ongoing, large-scale natural experiment of a shift in charitable food distribution to a community-based model. This work will strengthen the evidence base for understanding health among food insecure populations and inform local, regional, and national efforts to ensure efficient and equitable food distribution. In particular, we will examine how engaging clients within their community can improve social resilence, which then can lead to improved social, economic, and health outcomes.

*Evidence for Action is a national program office of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Project Co-PI's: Tammy Leonard and Sandi Pruitt

Crossroads ClientCare Longitudinal (CCL) Database

The project has expanded the reach and content of the Crossroads ClientCare Longitudinal (CCL) Database. The CCL Database contains repeat observations of over 7000 households who have visited Crossroads Community Services (CCS) since 2013. The CCL Database is available for use by interested researchers and nonprofit organizations.


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