Student Involvement - Economics Department - University of Dallas

Student Involvement - Economics Department - University of Dallas

Internship within a CARE Partnership

CARE Scholars

CARE has long-term partnerships with several community organizations including Crossroads Community Services, the Child Poverty Action Lab, CitySquare, Habitat for Humanity, and the North Texas Food Bank.  Each semester there is opportunity for students to create a tailored internship experiences for class credit.  Students interested in careers in health (including mental health), health policy, data analytics, computer science, psychology, or economic policy are highly encouraged to apply.  Additionally, Spanish speaking students or students wishing to gain practical experience using Spanish would be excellent candidates for this opportunity. Please see Dr. Carla Pezzia, or Dr. Inimary Toby for more information about current internship opportunities.

Below is a list of UD students who have interned through CARE and completed a CARE-related research project.

  • 2020
    • Lydianne Juguilon (Biology) and Stephen Matthews (Biology) worked within CARE's Food As Medicine (FAME) project
    • Judith Barerra (Psychology) assisted with SNAP-AC appointments and data analysis
    • Anthony Hoang (MBA) and Jonathan Thomas (TAMU-Public Health) assisted with data analysis and making data useful to non-profit stakeholders
  • 2019
    • Ashley Phillips (UTSW MD) and Madeline Sparks (UTSW MD) led partnership between FAME and the Preventive & Lifestyle Medicine Student Interest Group to conduct CDP food demonstrations
    • Joseph (Joey) Campain (UTSW MD). has helped lead FAME demonstrations and serves as a mentor in the Health Student Community Mentor Program
  • 2018
    • Priya Mathew (UTSW MD/MPH) initiated a cooking appliance survey and developed curriculum for weekly food demonstrations and monthly cooking classes at CDP sites.  Work was completed as part of the MPH practicuum and the Schweitzer Fellowship.
  • 2017
    • Alejandro Santillan (Economics) did data analysis for peer reviewed publication:  Overlapping geographic clusters of food security and health: Where do social determinants and health outcomes converge in the U.S? Published in SSM-Population Health.
    • Michael Dinh (Economics) analyzed food security data.
  • 2016
    • John McDonald (Economics) interned as a research assistance for CARE:  "Analysis of food insecurity and alleviation efforts"
    • Christian Huitz (Economics) interned at Crossroads:  "Analysis of the CARE Longitudinal Pilot Study"
  • 2015: 
    • Greg Pimental (Economics) interned at Crossroads: “Crossroads Community Services Economic Needs Evaluation”
    • Mark Houle (Economics) interned at Crossroads: “Direct and Indirect Effects of Minimum Wage Policy:  An Examination of Minimum Wage Policy Trends”
    • Kathryn Reed (Economics) interned at the North Texas Food Bank: “Concilio Health Fair Report:  An analysis of the relationship between the spatial arrangement of food sources and reported food access of residents in southwestern Dallas”

Other students have interned through CARE as way of gaining experience in social/public service careers:

  • Eileen Rauh (English Language and Literature)
  • Natalie Gartland (Human and Social Sciences)
  • Kaylea Burt (Human and Social Sciences)