Mind Management Certificate

Mind Management Certificate

Achieve Unimaginable Results with Sustainable Inc.’s  
Mind Management Certificate.

Discover the art of becoming an observer of your thoughts and life experiences. Identify limiting thought patterns and transform them to launch yourself into infinite possibilities. University of Dallas & Sustainable Inc. bring to you an intensive 4-session, 32 hr. program. The journey will take you through a variety of aspects of mind management to help bring about sustainable changes in your thinking. Through this course, you will learn to channel your energy and develop a heightened sense of commitment to goals and objectives. 

The principles of mind management are beneficial for all aspects of life, personal and professional. These practices help in conquering unwanted emotions, teaching us to respond to situations, rather than react to them. Furthermore, we learn to find happiness and contentment within, regardless of the external circumstances.  The ability to live a life with poise is essential for leadership, relationships and day to day living.

Program Information:

Dates: April 3 & 4, 2020 AND April 17 & 18, 2020
Times: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Fridays & Saturdays)
Location: University of Dallas - Irving Campus
Cost: $2,000.00 (includes materials)
Early bird discount: $500 off if registered and paid by September 1, 2019

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Meet Your Instructor

 Priya KumarPriya Kumar

Founder, Mind Management Program

A thought leader and successful entrepreneur, Priya is a natural leader and compelling speaker. Priya conducts workshops and interactive seminars on how to apply mind management techniques in everyday life. Her workshops have become popular among corporate individuals spanning the technology, financial industry, medical, and consulting spaces.

With over 12-years of experience in supply chain management, sales, and management consulting, Priya has a deep understanding of the challenges of operating in today's globalized work culture. Having worked in a variety of industries such as aerospace and defense, financial services, life sciences, and mass transit, Priya possesses a comprehensive view of the global economy. Looking for someone to show you the way to infinite possibility and unparalleled success? You've found your match. 

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Why Mind Management

  • Mind Management provides a way for you to influence and control what you can – your own mind. ‘Mind Management also provides opportunities for you to empower yourself to make positive changes to your life. ‘
  • Introspection exercises lead to identifying negative beliefs limiting you from success
  • Meditation practices provide significant health benefits, including ‘relieving subjective levels of anxiety and depression, improving attention and concentration, and overall psychological well-being.’
  • Increase your productivity and effectiveness by reducing the volume of unnecessary thoughts

Course Materials

 Workshop Kits

  • Workbook Journal with Guided Introspection Exercises
  • 3 x Guided Meditation Recordings
  • Class Discussion Forum

Course Topics

This workshop-style learning methodology has proven to be particularly effective. With engaging activities and exercises, concepts are emphasized in multi-dimensional ways.

Covered Course Topics are included Below:

  • The Art of Listening
  • Power of Intuition
  • Meditation & Focus
  • The Art of Staying Calm
  • Improving Efficiency
  • Innovative Ideation
  • Visualize Success
  • Sustaining Inspiration
  • Striking a Balance

A detailed description of each topic is found below, just click on the topic name.

Art of Listening

Success in all aspects of life depends on our ability to absorb the most from our experiences. Learn to listen with all your senses and reduce conflict/confusion in all situations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the anatomy of listening as a skill
  • Cultivate active listening and negate passive listening habits
  • Understand how listening happens through all our senses
  • Learn to read body language and gain relevant insights
  • Reduce mental clutter by staying ' present' in the present moment

Learning Methods:

  • Interactive listening training game
  • Peer listening activity
  • Transforming information into consumable insights

Power of Intuition

Decision is better than indecision. But how can we continuously make the right choices? Discover the power of intuition and how your inner voice can be your best guide in all endeavors, personal and professional.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to become aware of the thoughts in your mind
  • Develop the art of listening to your inner voice
  • Practice making decisions quickly and consistently
  • Learn to instantaneously renew inner faith, in spite of mistakes
  • Identify inner conflict and bring harmony amongst the different elements of your personality

Learning Methods:

  • Guided meditation session
  • Decisioning games
  • Introspection techniques
  • Deciphering the inner voice

Meditation & Focus

Learn the authentic and original techniques of conquering the mind from the ancient Hindu Scriptures. Unlock your infinite potential and achieve everything!

Learning Objectives:

  • Become acquainted with the origins of Meditation and prescribed techniques from the ancient Vedas
  • Understand the deeper purpose of Meditation and it's connection to your life purpose
  • Develop the ability to become a detached observer of thoughts
  • Cultivate high levels of focus and concentration

Learning Methods:

  • Guided meditation sessions
  • Basic Yoga Asana session
  • Awareness techniques

The Art of Staying Calm

Understand the art of calmly navigating through all of life's challenging situations. Discover unique techniques to help you manage your day to day responsibilities with ease.

Learning Objectives:

  • Build awareness of triggers and resulting emotions
  • Develop mechanisms to invoke ‘response’ instead of ‘reaction’
  • Analyze the desire for calmness/peace in all experiences

Learning Methods:

  • Peace Posing
  • Theater exercises to build detachment
  • Group discussion
  • Emotion management games

Improving Efficiency

Wishing you could extract more moments from your day? You can! Through this fun, interactive workshop, learn how to use the power of focus to help develop efficiency in all your actions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Assess how your time is currently being utilized
  • Examine desired vs. actualized priorities
  • Learn to focus and reduce clutter in the mind, through simple mind management techniques
  • Develop a calm and centered approach to balancing several priorities, both personal and professional
  • Yield greater efficiency from your day while maintaining enthusiasm and energy

Learning Methods:

  • Time study activity
  • Prioritization reaction game
  • Task efficiency exercise
  • Group discussion

Innovative Ideation

Every individual offers something unique. How can we draw on our experiences to contribute innovative ideas? Re-learn the art of brainstorming, beautifully infused with mind management techniques. Learn to think like a creative genius and drop limiting beliefs preventing you from coming up with that next great idea.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn mind management techniques blended with unique brainstorming methods
  • Practice utilizing process mapping and
  • Eliminate mental self-cancellation and oscillation between ideas
  • Identify your most conducive environment for creative thinking

Learning Methods:

  • Business market activity
  • Process mapping for ideation
  • The power of Play-Doh, brain teasers and colors

Visualize Success

What stops us from achieving our goals? Can we remove obstacles just by willing them to go away? Discover the power of creating success through positive intent.

Learning Objectives:

  • Re-define success to increase satisfaction in all endeavors
  • Learn visualization techniques to help you bring ideas to life
  • Cultivate methods proven to ensure effective execution
  • Identify negative thinking patterns and utilize effective methods to break barriers

Learning Methods:

  • Process Mapping for Execution
  • Visualization Exercises
  • Affirmation Development

Sustaining Inspiration

Begin your morning with a cup of inspiration! Take on the day with enthusiasm and purpose. Make every day great and every moment worthwhile.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop the art of setting meaningful, inspiring goals
  • Cultivate habits that keep you continuously inspired
  • Learn to effectively manage short term and long term goals
  • Learn visualization techniques to help you achieve success
  • Make enthusiasm an integral part of your approach to life

Learning Methods:

  • Prioritization Activity
  • Building a Vision Board
  • Affirmation Development
  • Developing Goals

Striking a Balance

In a world where smart phones rule, finding a definitive end to the work day can prove difficult. Develop the skill of mental compartmentalization. Learn to bring your mind where YOU are.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to compartmentalize various aspects of your life
  • Cultivate the habit of living in the present moment and gaining mastery over the mind
  • Bring deeper connection to personal and professional relationships
  • Debunk the ‘multi-tasking’ myth

Learning Methods:

  • Activation exercises to create a sense of center
  • Introspection journaling
  • Thought-holding meditation exercise

 Contact Kathy Whitgrove with any questions about this program, 972-721-5298 or KWhitgrove@udallas.edu.