Practical Leadership

Practical Leadership

IPD Practical Leadership Badge

Practical Leadership Digital Badge

Earners of this badge gain an understanding of how to apply leadership concepts and acquire skills that can be utilized in their role as leaders. A focus on leadership behaviors, team building, communication, coaching, managing conflict, collaboration, situational leadership, and building relationships combined with a series of self-assessments brings together a comprehensive learning experience for anyone wanting to become a more effective leader. This badge was created by University of Dallas faculty for the City of Irving Police Department.

Program Details

Any search on the internet will provide you with hundreds of results on leadership, leadership styles, workshops, and much more. It can be hard to know where to begin and who to trust. We have developed a four-month training program that allows current leaders, emerging leaders, and aspiring leaders a place to start their leadership journey. Students will work directly with University of Dallas Faculty to:

  • Develop a personal development plan, 
  • Gain self-awareness of their leadership style,
  • Learn about their style's strengths and weaknesses, 
  • Effectively utilize their newly gained knowledge to engage effectively with their teams, and
  • Create an environment where their teams thrive and flourish. 

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Skills Earned

Leadership Practices; Self-Awareness; Team Building; Effective Communication; Coaching; Collaboration; Conflict Resolution; Relationship Building; Delegation

Earning the Badge

  • Successful completion of the Practical Leadership program modules created for the Irving Police Department. Require attendance at all in-person training sessions, completion program's of  interim assignments, and creation of a Personal Development Plan. (1) Transition to Leadership, (2) Discover Your Strengths, (3) Situational Leadership, (4) Leading Successful Teams, (5) Collaboration / Conflict Management, (6) Maximizing Relationships, (7) Coaching Skills, and (8) Action Planning & Closing.
  • Creation of a Personal Development Plan, to be reviewed with supervisor upon completion of training,
  • Participation in on-line threaded discussions, as well as completion of required reading assignments and self-assessments.

The badge will be issued by the University of Dallas. 

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